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Flashback: Senior Year–Apartments 20 & 31

This is a LONG overdue post that I have been made references to numerous times in my entries.

My senior year in college. . . my favorite year largely in part to the people you will see below. . . my roommates and my neighbor boys.

I was inspired to do this post this weekend for two reasons 1) I found one of the neighbor boys (Mike) on facebook this week and  2) I have people replacing my air conditioner and heater. . . and so I have some downtime to sit here and scan a bunch of pictures.  🙂

First of, let’s talk about my roommates. . . Apartment 20.

There was Jess, who lived across the hall from me in the dorms freshman year. . . and lived with me my sophomore year on. . . She’s from a town near mine, yet I didn’t know her before we came to college.  Such a sweet and fun person.  We always say that the first time we met the first day in the dorm, we knew we were going to be friends.

There’s Sara, who joined us in an apartment my junior year.  She is a year younger, and went to high school with Jess.  We were both business majors and were in a lot of activities together. . . and had many fun times!

There’s Amy, who is a year younger than me and went to my high school.  She joined us my senior year in an apartment.  Amy was a great addition.  Her laugh alone could make anyone’s day!

Sooooo many fun times. . .

The four of us got along really well. . . but we certainly weren’t alone!

We lived in the thick of everything my senior year. . . close to classes, my job. . . and the bars.  🙂  We even had a bar and a pizza place right next door.  The pizza place was a favorite end of the night stop for many bar-goers. . . so we had friends dropping by to visit constantly. . . and particularly Wed-Sat at ~1:30 a.m.  🙂  Not only did we have these folks though. . . we had visitors nearly every day and night from nearby apartment 31.  (Certainly not the greatest picture in the world. . . but the only one we have of all eight of us!)

Boys L to R are Scott, Rob, Mike, and Ben

We met these boys on move-in day. . . but they had a connection to a friend of Jess and Sara’s (Meg!). . . so we became friends very quickly.  We did everything together. . . studied,went out to eat, drank, took dance classes, went grocery shopping, held parties together, watched movies. . . you name it, we probably did it together. . . except for showering, probably. . . and some other stuff.  🙂  There were a few romances though. . . if you were wondering.  (None involving me. . . and no, they did not stand the test of time!)

So many fun times that I can’t discuss them all. . . but here are some pictures to show some of the fun.

Picture from Meg’s birthday with those of us from 20 and 31 that could come out!

Mike hangin out. . . please note that one of our end tables is a mini-fridge and our coffee table is a board on cement blocks. . . sooooo college!  Bringin the class!  Ha!  🙂

The boys making an tough pose. . . don’t mess with these dudes.  😉

Me and Rob

A night full of marshmallow tossing. . . when we probably should have been studying.  😉

Say “pucker!”

Scott, Jess, and I at Illini Inn. . . what an eventful night that ended up being!

Awwwww. . .

Scott, Jess, and Mike on the boys’ balcony. . .

Scott, Mike, Me, and Sara. . . no idea where we were. Can’t even put this night into perspective without knowing what I was wearing!

Mike, Rob, and Scott at my 21st birthday party!

Stadium seating–This was another eventful night.  Some of the girls had gone to the Reba McEntire concert, including my sister and Meg. . . and when we got home from the concert, us and the boys decided to catch up on an episode of “Friends” we had taped. . . we had our furniture all whacked out due to preparing to have our place painted. . . so we made stadium seating. . . and then. . . Amy came home from the wedding!  🙂

I still talk to and see the girls occasionally. . . the boys, not so much.  I saw Scott a few years ago at Christmas. . . but I probably haven’t seen the other boys in 6-7 years!!!  So sad.  Scott and Mike are on social networking sites so I can keep up with them now. . . and Meg gives me updates on everyone.  I know the guys try to get together each year for a tailgate.  I’ve never been able to make one.  I need to make more of an effort next year because that would be really fun!!!

I thought I would end with one of my favorite pictures that sums up this entry the best!

Love you kids!  Thanks for making my college experience so very memorable!  🙂



  1. I love that in the whole-group shot, you’re already displaying a A-B product (at least it appears to be one)…foreshadowing??

    Aaah, college…

  2. I believe the beverage I had in the group shot was a Hornsby. . . cider was my bridge into beer, beer.

    Please note that while 95% of the pictures in the entry featured drinking. . . we didn’t drink 95% of the time. . . Probably only ~60%. 😉

    I might add that we were all rockstar students with stellar grades. Also, we did go to One World all the time. . . generally on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights . . . and some other nights.

  3. I can’t believe you do not remember the night in the picture….it was teacher friend night!!! Ha, if you would like me to send more pictures where you can see your shirt I might have to do that. 😉 Ha…I miss college……

  4. Meg! I actually thought that it was teacher friend night because I thought that might have been the shirt that Sara wore that night (which was Amy’s!). . . I didn’t remember Mike being at the festivities that night though?. . . There may be a lot I don’t remember from that night!

    Oh, I have tons of good pictures from that night. . . I will post them in another blog entry and block out teacher friend’s face. Actually, I already have one picture with her face blocked in my pictures folder. . . so I might have published that one before!!! 🙂 Good times, good times.

  5. Ahh! I needed that. It’s been a looonng week. How did I get so lucky to have such good friends!?

  6. Hannah! Thanks for posting those great pictures! Those brought back some great memories.

    I wouldn’t trust anything Meg says about this so-called “Teacher-Friend Night.” Meg likes to make stuff up. I bet she would even go as far as to use Photoshop to fabricate some pictures of me doing embarrassing things.

    You definitely need to make it to the next tailgate. Ben and his wife Stephanie have been in charge the past three years, but I think I may have to take over the responsibilities because Stephanie is pregnant. (I want Ben to be able to focus all of his time on teaching their kid how to grin and shoot three pointers like his/her old man.)

    I hope you’re spreading the gospel of the Illini down in Texas!


  7. One more thing, Hannah. Is there a way for me to get an electronic copy of those photos you posted. I’d pay good money for those pictures. (And by “good money,” I mean I’d promise to pay you the next time I see you and then spend the rest of my life hiding from you so I wouldn’t have to pay up.)

  8. Ahhh, “teacher friend night”…. Classic!!! And, yes I recall being there, and seeing the two of them get closer than a teacher really should…

    I think that was the first compliment I’ve ever received on the “neighbors” T-shirt. It’s actually still in my t-shirt drawer!!

    Also, my eyes seem a little droopy/sleepy in most of the pictures… probably from all the studying I did, definetly not the drinking.

    Great job with the photos Hannah! That was a great year! I’m glad we got in contact the same time they were changing your heater.

  9. Oh my goodness. . . these comments have had me laughing out loud.

    I have to do an entry on teacher friend with her face blocked. Don’t worry. . . I don’t have any incriminating pictures. . .

    But for the love of God, Meg. . . now that you’re a teacher. . . don’t let a liquored up former student with devilish charm cut your hair. No good can come of that.

    I heard from Meg, Jess, Scott, Mike, AND Ben today! I’m so glad I did this post! Too bad I didn’t have any pictures of Joon Ho!

  10. […] Meg was mentioned in this post. . . and was one of my BFFs my senior year. . . and the reason Apartments 20 and 31 got together! […]

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