Posted by: illinigirl | January 8, 2009

Without further ado. . .

queenlizzle’s blog!

My favorite entry of all time:

and her blog in general:

My favorite quote ever (on our basketball team):

“i love this team though. they seem to be good guys focused on playing as a team, which is a big change from last year. also no one has almost killed a fellow teammate, which i feel helps team chemistry in general.”



My favorite entry/video of all time:

and her blog in general:

I have to add these to the blogroll because. . . they are awesome.  🙂 . . . and you can never have too much awesome in your life.

Stay tuned. . . I am getting wind that two of my crazy commenters are launching a joint effort blog. . . . 🙂

Also, there are more of you that I need to add, but I feel like I should ask your permission.  I do a better job of checking the blogs I like when they are on my blogroll, I think.

Also, I know that some people that read my blog use google reader view.  How do you feel about this using this site?  I may need to give this a whirl, as it’s getting more difficult to keep up with people!



  1. it can only be good for team chemistry when one player does not try to kill another and then hide him in his car, and go pass out in his own apartment. i’m with queenlizzle.

  2. those were both hilarious. i was laughing hard at that video. i agree with queenlizzie, although she forgot “i will not talk about the weather more than 50% of the time”. too funny.

  3. ooh! kcjayhawk – that’s a good one. and extremely important.

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