Posted by: illinigirl | January 8, 2009

Save the drama for yo’ mama–Interview with myself

I have some stuff going on, none of which I can talk about here. . . but yes, dumb stuff is killing my soul and sucking up all my time. . . which is a shame because I have many good topics to blog about.

In the interim, I will do a *quick* interview with myself. . .

What happened to the Couch to 5K???  You just like. . . stopped talking about it, ya big loser!

I totally meant to do an entry about it. . . but I guess I never did.  I didn’t meet my goal.  Actually, I did a really kick butt job of training and far exceeded my goals. . . but it was way too much for me to run four/five times a week (and sometimes four or five days concecutlively because they were the only days I was free) with my work and life schedule.  While I pulled it off for four or five weeks. . . . it was getting to the point where I was dreading it each time. . .  I think if I would have stuck to three times a week, I would have enjoyed it more.  I was just soooooo tired and out of shape that trying to do so much was bad for me.  Plus, the date for the 5k I was going to do was changed several times.  (It was a really informal one). . . this switching around screwed up my training.

Will you attempt this again?

Absolutely!  I’m waiting for more daylight hours because I dislike treadmills.  Tonight it was fairly light until 5:45. . . so if I can make it a priority to ever leave work early, I could potentially start soon.

What book are you reading now?

Well, of course. . . I’ve been bitten by the Twilight bug.  I am only reading the first one, and it’s been somewhat slow going because I simply haven’t been home enough to read!

Are you going to read the next one in the series immediately?

Well, my friend Becca is giving me the next one in the series this week. . . but honestly, I’d like to read a more thoughtful book first.  I think I should mix mindless stuff with thoughtful stuff.  We’ll see how that works.  I have several books that I’d like to blog about, but I need to decide what direction I want to go in with those. . . because I want to talk about the books without revealing anything.  I will figure something out because they are definitely worth discussing!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I’m still leaning towards a writer/author/quirky travel book writer.  If anyone knows how to get a gig as a quirky travel writer, let me know.  Also, I think I would love graphic design.

What habit about yourself do you find most annoying?

The fact that I am clean and a germaphob. . . but not *tidy*.  Some of the disorganization in my house is driving me up a wall.  I have really let things go over the holidays, and need to do an overhaul.  When it comes to doing something fun. . . vs. organizing. . . I usually pick fun stuff though.  eh, whatevs.  😉

Who is your favorite blogger that is *not* on your blogroll?

1.  queenlizzle.  She is the funniest person on this whole earth.  For privacy reasons, she may prefer to be mysterious. . . but if she is opposed to being on the ‘roll. . . Maybe she could do a guest post someday or could interview me like my sister did?  I know you’d all enjoy her.  I have been thinking about a statement she put in her blog on Monday. . . and it has been cracking me up continuously for days.  I am so sad we didn’t meet earlier in life!  We were so close. . . yet so far away!

2.  Honorable mention.  Nicole’s friend Kelli.  I will not post her blog here, as I really don’t know her and not sure if she wants more publicity, but her blog is great, and her daughter KILLS me.  I watched a video of her daughter one night, and snorted and had tears going down my face simultaneously because I was laughing so, so hard.  I had to send it to my mom, sister, best friend, and share it with a few co-workers because something that funny should not be kept to yourself.  🙂

Do you say “pop” or “soda”???

Duh, “pop”. . . I’ve always been intrigued by this map. . . check it out.  It breaks down pop, soda, etc. by county. . . please note that in TX, they do often say “coke” generically. . . and sometimes, when you order “coke”. . . wait staff will ask you what flavor of coke you want. . .

Um , you should definitely be in bed by now. . . shouldn’t you?

Yes, yes, yes. . . I know.



  1. oh! i feel so honored. i’d like to thank god, the academy, and all of my fans (hannah).

    also i do not have privacy concerns and do not mind you adding my blog to any public displays of blogs.

    i have nothing to hide but hide itself.

  2. i need to start running again too. i’ve only run twice since my 5k on thanksgiving.
    i got the twilight book from santa. i have a stack of books that i’m making myself finish before i start this one.

  3. Nicole sent me over to your blog today. What a fun post…I may need to steal it in the future. Anyway, thanks for the honorable mention! I’m glad you enjoy reading about my crazy girl 🙂

    Oh & I love lots of visitors on my blog so feel free to link me.

  4. “If anyone knows how to get a gig as a quirky travel writer, let me know. ”

    I think if Samantha Brown disappeared in a “mysterious accident” you would be a great fit for her job. I’ve got some duct tape and a rope if you are interested……….

  5. […] The lead character (Frances) in Under the Tuscan Sun is a writer.  I want to be a writer  (See the 5th question down)! […]

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