Posted by: illinigirl | January 8, 2009

Highs and Lows

This week was a week filled with much to do. . . and extreme highs and lows.  This is not normal for me.  I am normally all about the highs!

Thank you to everyone that has helped me with the lows. . . particularly Liz, who can make me feel better about nearly every situation I’m in.  God bless her!  Anyhowsers, I cannot go on about the lows because I cannot disclose them here. . . let’s just say that part of this week really sucked.

Let’s focus on the good stuff!

  • I got some really exciting money news.
  • My refrigerator is kinda hanging in there (it’s at ~50%) so I can still keep beverages kinda cool. . . (I won’t eat any food in there anymore).  The freezer is still at 90% so I’ve had some frozen pizza and stuff.  I think I will survive until Monday without having to start doing cooler action reminiscent of hurricane times!
  • I had someone took a look at my air conditioner today. . . and because of a connection we have, he’s replacing it for $3000 LESS than the quote I initially got from another company. . . and he’s able to do it THIS WEEKEND, which is awesome.
  • Jen got a job offer this week!  I ate sushi with Stuart and Jen on Tuesday night to celebrate (okay, *they* ate sushi and I ate delicious shrimp and vegetable tempura and calamari).  🙂
  • We had a really beautiful sunset one night this week. . . and I had to take pictures of downtown in the sunset. . . and I *may* have been driving. . . but who are we kidding, I drive at grandma pace, and there weren’t many cars on the road that night. . . I was totally safe and aware. . . and would just quickly put my camera up in the air and snap a picture.  There was no “aiming” or previewing taking place (and you will be able to tell this for sure)!

I thought the Texas flag at work looked really cool with the pink sky background this was while I was walking to my car, not driving. . .

And then. . . the other pictures, which are quite wacko and don’t really even show just how amazing the sky was. . . BUT they give you some indication. . .

Getting slightly more wacko. . .

See, I was focused more on driving than taking pictures, as my picture quality definitely suffered.

Yeah, maybe I should stick to driving. . . I need to send this to Kerri because she will understand.  They do not have scenic vista spots in these areas to pull off!!!  Actually, I’d be a bit frightened to get out of my car in some of these areas!  🙂

Happy Friday. . . I know *I’m* ready for the weekend!



  1. You are buying a new fridge right? I can bring you one of the three mini fridges we have in the basement. You could strategically place them throughout your home. Sorry your week had some lows, but tomorrow Illinois will throttle the Hoosiers and that should make you smile 🙂

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