Posted by: illinigirl | January 4, 2009

New Refrigerator

So I bit the bullet this afternoon. . .

Before I left for home for Christmas, I noticed that my refrigerator just didn’t seem as cold as it usually is.  I jacked up the temp before I went home, but pretty much threw everything away (which is not much. . . although I cook a lot, I pretty much only keep eggs, milk, butter, and a few other staples on hand and am more of a just-in-time shopper . . . although it’s still annoying to throw away staples, and have had to do this already once this year due to the dang hurricane!)

When I got back from my Christmas trip, the refrigerator seemed a little better than before I left so I began to think it was just me. . . but nope, the next day, warmer again.  Not hot or anything. . . just not *really* cold.

Yesterday, I went online to see if I could fix it. . . (Ever since I have fixed my vacuum, I fancy myself an engineer).  😉  There were two possible problems for the refrigerator not cooling. . . the condenser was not working, or the coils were dirty.  I unplugged it, took the kick plate off, and vacuumed the area where the coils were.  Now, this was pretty dusty so I was *hoping* that was the issue.  Nope.  Still not cooling. . . then when I looked at the back wall of the freezer, I saw the ice droplets tipping me off that it was indeed the condenser.  I was not in the mood to find someone to make a house call and tell me this. . . and maybe or maybe not be able to fix it at a high price. . . so I decided to go for a new one.  The website I used to diagnose the problem was:

If you are cheap like me and want to try to see if you can fix something. . . or you want to have some kind of a clue about how things work or what may be wrong so you don’t get *taken* by a service tech. . . websites like these are awesome.

Anyhowsers. . . I went with black.  I was looking at Sears, but a friend that I watched the Illinois game with this morning reminded me that Home Depot carried appliances, and this is oh so more convenient for me. . . so I went there.  GREAT experience.  Painless.  In 15 min, I had ordered a new refrigerator and was ~$690 poorer.  🙂  The sales guy was awesome.  I was toying with buying it online, because there was an online special.  The guy said he would price it both ways and see what was better. . . but he had an in-store sale AND delivery and haul-away were free in-store. . . but not online.  Just wanted to point that out because sometimes online deals are not all they are cracked up to be, and you have to read the fine print!  Also, because in-store salespeople want comission, they may be willing to throw in extra deals if they have any they can apply to win your business!

The refrigerator won’t be delivered until NEXT Monday.  Looks like I’ll be eating “lukecold” food and beverages until then.  The freezer is still freezing stuff. . . so maybe I’ll just buy a ton of frozen stuff!  (Please note that if you need a refrigerator, don’t mess around because it seemed every store I went to was not able to deliver for quite some time!)



  1. that’s too bad, especially right after the holidays.

  2. Sweet. So what brand did you go with? We are going to get all new stainless for the new house and I want them all to be the same brand. I have all GE in the NH house and they are good but I like the looks of the LG stuff. Any advice from the appliance pro?? I am still boycotting Home Depot because of the whole rebate debacle…

  3. I’m glad you went with the black. I didn’t get a chance to vote, but definitely would have voted for black!

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