Posted by: illinigirl | January 4, 2009

Help! Fast!

Okay, if you read this  but don’t typically comment here (Mom, Dad, etc.). . .and you have strong opinions you need to call me or whatever because typically I don’t get as much traffic on the weekend and I need some opinions.

I need to go refrigerator shopping today.  Yes, joy. . . just what I want to spend money on.  😛

Okay, yes it would be LOVELY to get stainless. . . however, it is not where I want to spend my money right now, and I’m not sure I would recoup it. . . nor do I have any desire to replace ALL of my appliances right now given that I still need to spend ~$3-$6 K (or more) on my heating/air-conditioning issue that I’ve been putting off.  *sigh*

SO. . . Look at these pictures and take the poll. . .

As you can see. . . my appliances are black right now. . . with the stove combo black and white.  The current refrigerator is white.



  1. Ahh! I don’t know what to tell you! I think either choice would be fine. Which would be cheaper?

  2. Check out or

  3. I voted for black. The white one you have now looks fine but all the design shows I watch say that “matching” appliances are best for resale value, even if they’re not stainless. Who knows if it’s true.

    Good luck fridge shopping. That pretty much sounds like a version of hell to me.

  4. Thanks to everyone for your assistance. . . sorry to those that voted for white. . . but I ended up going with black.

    I will do a separate entry that goes into more detail!

  5. whoops. i voted too late. but i did vote for black too.

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