Posted by: illinigirl | January 1, 2009

Holiday Update!

Just wanted to share some pictures and videos from my time at home. . .

I got to spend a lot of time with my parents, sissy, aunts, uncles, cousins. . . and got to see Jason, Jess, Andy, Meg, and Derek.  Good times!

Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures and some are crappy. . . but here is what I have to share. . .

Christmas Eve with the C side. . .

Most of the prank pictures for us aren’t very good this year, and the gifts are too difficult to explain.  I got a book called “Everything is Wrong with You”. . . but clearly, this is an error because *nothing* is wrong with me!  🙂  Here is me making my angry pose with the book.  😉

My cousin Jeff got Sarah “Polly the Insult Parrot”. . .

Yeah, this bird has a DIRTY mouth. . . and so it would not be appropriate to post a video here. . . but luckily, there was a PG button on the bird. . . which obviously cracked us all up!

I got my sister some strange gifts this year because she is strange.  She really wanted the suitcase that we had as a child so I found it on ebay.  The cutest thing is, that we both thought that this thing should be MUCH bigger.  In fact, when I got in in the mail, I thought I got the wrong thing because it was too small.  Wrongo. . . *WE* were much smaller back in the day!  Everything is relative.  😉

Then Christmas Day with the W’s. . .

This is my favorite picture from the whole week.  My cousin Garrett.  🙂

but I love this one, too. . .



Dad and Garrett

There are a TON more pictures. . . but mostly ones that Garrett took.  Sometime I am going to do an entry featuring his pictures.  Pretty funny.

My next pictures are from the family wii competition on Sunday night.  It was fun times!  Here is a shot of an intense tennis doubles match. . .

Here is a video (or two videos put together) of Garrett boxing.  I was SO mad because I ran out of memory, and he was SO FUNNY when he first started doing it.  He was a little too realistic and was falling down all the time, stomping his feet, and taking the whole thing in. . . instead of continuing to fight.  Also, he would constantly get tired and hand his controls off saying, “You take it.”  Ha.

Garrett loved me giving him chills, and the look on his face while I was doing it and him giggling would crack me up!  Every time I finished, he’d scream, “MORE!”

Poor Uncle Steve would have liked to participate in the wii competition; however, we had turkey frying issues.  Here is the finished product. . . four hours later!  Mom is apparently inspecting it for quality control!

Here is a picture of the sunset that night. . . so pretty (minus the power lines, it would be prettier!).

Sadly, I took no pictures during any of my friend outings. . . I was off my “a” game this trip. . . but good times, good times.  It was great to be home, despite the cold weather. . . a trip home and a break from work was exactly what I needed!



  1. i had that exact suitcase too. in fact, i think it’s still in my parents’ attic with some of my doll clothes in it.
    it looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  2. OMG… I had that SAME suitcase as well. I still have it. It’s filled with crayons and (randomly) an empty bottle of Captain Morgan I got in Spain.

    I wanted to keep it b/c of the label and apparently the hard-shelled suitcase was the best way to transport it.

    Great post… I’m glad you haven’t slacked on your blogging like *some* people I know!

  3. Wait, you are related to Katelyn? She and my Kaitlyn have known each other for years! It started in gymnastics when they were in preschool and they have been in the same class for the past two years. I know that we live in a small community and this just proves it!

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