Posted by: illinigirl | December 25, 2008

Holiday Update

I have a bunch of pictures and a video to upload, but I am far too lazy and am enjoying my holiday blogging break.  Maybe tomorrow?

I made it to Illinois.

I slept on a really uncomfortable hotel hide-a-bed on Tuesday after lugging my bags around so I’ve had a bit of a neck problem.  I was miserable on Christmas Eve, but am much better tonight.  Neck pain is a small price to pay for getting to be HOME. . . I just just SO glad my plane landed!

I’ve had some lovely gifts. . . but I am resting and sleeping beautifully, which is the most beautiful gift of all.

My GPS is fun.  It’s so wild and crazy using it to get around the small towns here (sarcasm).  I can’t wait to use it sometime when I actually don’t know where I’m going!  😉

I got my dad a wii, and wii are really enjoying it.  🙂  My elbow is really sore, and Dad and I may have gotten completely out of control during boxing.  (I swear Dad is going to NAIL the TV with his fist during every sport he plays. . . he may be getting a new TV sooner rather than later!)

There were some prank items. . . Pictures and videos will be forthcoming!

I don’t know if I will have much time to see friends here.  It seems that time is being gobbled up so quickly.  We talked about Saturday night. . . but I challenged my little cousins to a wii bowling competition, and now more of the family wants in. . . and it may be a Saturday night smackdown.

Must sleep. . . sleepytime tea is kicking in!



  1. Re: GPS–I’m glad you are excited to use it when you don’t know where you’re going. I am puzzled when I see people using them in places where they live. (unless they are testing them out?)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. i bought eric a wii too.
    i can’t wait to hear about the prank gift.

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