Posted by: illinigirl | December 21, 2008

Christmas shopping for *me*

Hmmm. . . I’m doing nearly as much Christmas shopping for me as others this year.  Unusual, but I don’t feel guilty as I’ve also gone overboard for charities and others.

Yesterday, we parked by DSW so we couldn’t help but go in. . . the shoes were flipping cheap as all get out!  I’m going back after Christmas!

And anyone that knows me well or sees me on a regular basis knows that I am NOT a shoe girl.  I honestly don’t have that many shoes at all. . . a few pairs of sandals, a few pairs of flip flops, a few pairs of boots, a few pairs of cowboy boots, a few flats, a few pairs of dress heels, and a few pairs of tennis shoes (so ~14 pairs?  Many of my friends have double that. . . or triple that!).  I bought four pairs of shoes, yet threw five away today that were not in good shape.

At the request of Liz, who asked what types of shoes I purchased. . . here are my purchases. . . I was in a flat kinda mood.


These are kinda strange (so ugly they are cute), but they are comfortable and weird. . . so I like them.

Now, these are my favs. . . How fun are these???

The bummer is that I will not be wearing any of these until I get back from Illinois. . . and don’t have to worry about wearing socks and snow action!



  1. I LOVE shoe #3 especially. Totally my style. And even though it’s frigid here, I still wear them without socks.

    Oh, today’s windchill was 5 below zero at 3pm. It’s lovely here.

  2. Love them all…if you are going to bring your short jeans home with you, you need to bring your new flats. Otherwise I won’t let you leave the house in those jeans. You will not need to wear socks. We are going to get a heat wave while you are here….30 degrees!

  3. i love the 2nd shoe. i need a new pair of brown flats. i’ll have to head over to dsw.

  4. Just for that, I’m hemming my jeans. . . so there. I need to do a whole post on that topic.

    I am a wimp and cannot handle frigid weather with no socks. Thank you, Texas.

  5. OMG someone else who isn’t crazy about shoes!!! I mean, I like them, and they ARE a necessity, but I’m not one to go shoe shopping ALL of the time. I wear ’em til they die, then buy a few pairs at a time, just like you did.

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