Posted by: illinigirl | December 18, 2008

Good news/Bad news

Good news! 🙂

Volunteering was super-duper exciting tonight.  I walk in, and there is Southwest and Rockets stuff up everywhere. . . it was crazy with ALL the Christmas stuff up and all sorts of fun stuff set up like t-shirts, airbrush tatoos, etc.

Well. . . then they tell me that there are four Rockets’ players at the house, and they are decorating cookies with the kids right now.  Awesome!  I immediately went to look around to see if Luther Head was there, and yep, he was. . . Later, I went to grab some pizza for dinner, and he was serving it!  I said, “Luther!  I went to Illinois!”. . . He said, “I-L-L” . .  I said “I-N-I” (of course). . . He knows my mom, so I told him I was her daughter, and he asked how she was doing and such.  As he was leaving, he came over and shook my hand and said, “See ya later, Illini.”  🙂  He was very sweet, and it’s so nice that the players came and spent time with the kids. . . THEY LOVED IT!!!  They wore their autographed t-shirts and carried around their autographed basketballs all night.  🙂

A few of the kids were absolutely cracking me up tonight.  One five year old came down and wanted the game, “Sorry”. . . but I couldn’t find it. . . so he decided he wanted a ps2 and a sponge bob game.  On the way up to his room, he said, “I really have to go to bed soon because I have to go to school tomorrow.”  I said. . . “Okay, sweetie. . . then why are you getting this game???”  He said, “It’ll be alright.  I’ll talk to my grandma about it.”  He brings it into his grandma, who says, “Why in the world did you get this???  You have to go to bed!”  He said, “It’s okay, Grandma.  I got it for you.”  She and I burst out laughing.  Yeah, like this 65 year old lady was interested in playing playstation sponge bob game.  He was so cute.

One other kid was freaking hilarious and had us laughing for the last half-hour we were there.  I won’t be able to do his stories any justice via my blog.  You just had to hear him talking.  So clever and so funny.

There’s a girl that I absolutely adore.  She’s 18, and she’s an amazing, amazing kid.  Wow.  She’s going through so much but has such an amazing attitude (typical of MANY of the kids there).  She’s often bored because she’s one of the oldest kids.  There are a few older girls. . . but not a  lot. . . and she’s going to be in the house for quite some time, while others cycle in and out more.  Anyways, I love talking to this girl, and I would LOVE to be able to do something for her. . .  She’s doing a new chemo next week, and she’s not sure how her body will react to it, so it could be a rough Christmas for her.  😦  I guess I can at least send her a card. . . we are discouraged from giving gifts as to not show favoritism and make other kids feel less special.

Bad News  😦

Um, I accidentally called a girl a boy TWICE.  I felt so bad. . . but this girl’s mannerisms and voice were masculine, and she had no hair.  I FEEL TERRIBLE!  The night manager corrected me the first time when he heard me say it and she didn’t. . . but I screwed up AGAIN.  UGH.  Let me go crawl under a rock and die.  She’s six so I don’t think it was a HUGE deal to her, but she did say. . . “you said him.  I’m a her!”  Crap.  The 18 year old girl was at the counter, and said that I shouldn’t feel too bad because it happens all the time with them, but it still sucks.  Foot. . . in. . . mouth.



  1. that was so nice for the players to come up and do stuff with the kids. i love it when you hear stories about that b/c i’m sure the kids are in heaven.

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