Posted by: illinigirl | December 17, 2008

Scary Mary

I hate birds.  I hate them with a burning passion.  They are dirty, they fly at you, they are creepy, etc.  They know that I hate them and taunt me as a result.

Texas has many of the nastiest birds known to man. . . and they always seem to be so dang abundant.

This is the species that is the bane of my existence. . . eeewwww, gross.  Luckily, they do not hang out in large quantities by my house. . . but in many other places I go . . yes, there are millions.  They leave LARGE droppings on our cars, as the parking lots seem to be their fav hangout.  They are noisy.  They SMELL disgusting. . . and they are not afraid to fly in your face.

This time of year between 5:20 p.m. and 6:20 p.m. tends to be their favorite time to COVER this parking lot.  Yes, conveniently, I’m usually trying to leave somewhere in that time frame.

On Monday night, I needed an escort.  I walked all way way out through the sea of flying birds and forgot my @$%$#* car keys and had to go back inside.  It was awesome.

Anyhowsers. . . someone *ahem* has incenuated that I may be exaggerating about how bad the birds are. . . so I took a video.  The camera work is not good b/c I was creeped out, but this will give you some idea.  Please note that Monday was even worse as far as the number covering the parking lot!!!


I need to leave ~5:25 tomorrow night to volunteer.  I am not above going to security tomorrow night to have someone walk with me.



  1. disgusting. i don’t blame you for being freaked out…that’s nasty.

  2. Could you please get someone to tape you running to your car to escape the birds? I would pay money for that, knowing how you are with seagulls on the beach!

  3. don’t all texans own a gun?

  4. problem solved.

  5. Holy Crap!! I can’t believe you haven’t quit yet…

  6. Yikes. Maybe you should check your pockets? Tell your boss you have to start leaving work no later than 3 PM to avoid the birds. It’s clearly an unsafe work environment.

  7. Now Hannah…these are all God’s creatures and you need to open your arms and accept them as such. Besides, it’s only a couple of little birds…and clearly, they are in the parking lot for you!!

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