Posted by: illinigirl | December 15, 2008

My favorite design show

I love interior design.  I love seeing the transformation that a room can take, and I love the creativity and the endless opportunities in decorating a room.  How fun.

I am not interested in most shows on HGTV, because they are mostly about selling your house, etc. . . and also, some of the design shows just don’t do anything for me.  When I was working on my projects in my house, I spent a lot of time on the HGTV message board that you see on my blog roll to the right.  There are a lot of really amazing people there that have a lot talent and will share opinions with you if you post pictures of dilemmas you are having.  Love them.

However. . . there is one show that I love. . .  “Divine Design” with Candice Olson. There are several reasons why I love the show.

1.  Money appears to be no object. . . which is fun because it really opens up your mind to possibilities and nice things (this show is all about *dreaming* of things I wish I could do).

2.  Candice generally tends to combine modern with traditional.  I’m generally not a modern person. . . but the way she does it, paired with traditional patterns and elements, I really dig.  Despite the sleek lines, there is a warmth to all of her rooms.

3.  I can look at this cute carpenter.  🙂 Hello Lorne, I will go globetrotting with you!  I actually enjoy all of the team.  They have great personalities and are great at what they do.

I dvr this show any time that it’s on, and watch it when I have free time.

My only problem is. . . you cannot apply to have your home made over by Candice unless you live in Canada.

Candice, won’t you please come to Texas?  I love my house, but what you could do to my kitchen and/or master bedroom would just be phenomenal.  Have I mentioned that it’s lovely and (mostly) warm this time of year?  Maybe you guys could come for the rodeo?

Keep me in mind.  😉



  1. Quit stalking me you weirdo…

  2. Um, that was my sister.

  3. ahaha. Your sister is funny.

    Candace Olson is the really tall one, right? She definitely has expensive taste.

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