Posted by: illinigirl | December 10, 2008

I will not be negative. I will not be negative. I will not be negative.

This week is pretty freakin’ terrible on a number of levels for reasons I can’t blog about.  I have been in a foul mood for days and have absolutely not been myself.  While I don’t see an end to this funk in the near future. . . I am *trying* to at least pretend to be a pleasant person!  In an attempt to try to be pleasant, I will not give you a laundry list of things that upset me. . . and instead, will provide you with a list of things that are POSITIVE that I have experienced this week (some of them are very minor, so as least I’m easily amused).

  • Last night, the guy that sat next to us at the hotel bar was a soldier just coming home from Afghanistan.  Tony closed out his tab and bought him some beers, and I pulled up a chair and talked to him for quite a while.  It was a really good conversation about the realities of war.  Someday, I will write a whole entry on this. . . but right now I’m reading a book *somewhat* related to the topic and want to finish it first.  Anyways, good guy.  Good conversation.  Now we are friends on facebook so I can keep in touch if he heads out again.
  • A guy traveling alone (seemingly on business) sitting diagonal from me on the plane was looking at pictures of he and his wife and baby on his iphone for the longest time just smiling.  It was so sweet and made me smile.
  • I got to see a bunch of work friends from all over the country this week. . . and it was really fun catching up with everyone and remembering some old stories together and catching up about the different friends we keep in touch with and how everyone is doing.  It was particularly fun hanging out with Kristin.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we’ve worked together.  Seems like just yesterday we were in MER.
  • We had some excellent meals this week. . . and we ate at my favorite restaurant last night. . . The Capital Grille!!!  Heaven, I tell you.  Heaven.  Believe it or not, I didn’t push for this. . . this was all Kristin.  She rocks.
  • We didn’t have time for a tour, but Kristin, Tony, and I took the train into downtown Atlanta. . . and went in the CNN building. . . and I got my picture with this guy:
  • I have the day off on Friday. . . I think.  I have lots of stuff I need to do as far as cooking/cleaning/errands, but hopefully I can get some rest or something fun in.
  • When I got home tonight, I had a nice pile of Christmas cards in my mailbox from some wonderful friends and relatives.  🙂

Life isn’t so bad.  Say a prayer that I keep my composure tomorrow.  One day at a time.



  1. sorry.
    it can’t get any worse, right? right?

  2. I hear ya… My ability to remain positive has been tested lately too. Here’s to hoping things get better 🙂

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