Posted by: illinigirl | December 7, 2008

A lot to be thankful for!

Finally!  It’s time for the long overdue Thanksgiving post!

When I got in town on Wednesday, I passed out due to exhaustion. . . and then got up to get ready for Thanksgiving Eve with the C side of the fam at this really, really cool bar/restaurant in Champaign that has a Dave and Buster’s-esque basement. . . This was a GREAT location for this event, as I think the whole family had a blast (except for my mom, who couldn’t go because she wasn’t feeling well enough to do much.)  😦

We were a little worried when, at first, we only had five people there from the fam. . . but we ended up having ~30 people!  Another great turnout this year.

Here are a few of the pics!

Cousin Lindsey, her husband Josh, Dad, Cousin Jeff, and future Cousin-in-Law Tracy.  🙂

Aunt Mary, Uncle Dean, Aunt Cathy, Just Rick, Sarah, Me, Uncle Paul, my BIL Jamie

Sarah and I took many dorky pictures.  She was tickling me this this one. . . as she often does as soon as someone is taking our picture.

????? (and we were actually sober)

Now. . . it’s time for mini-bowling!

Sar gets her game-face on. . .

Look at my form!. .  . I won, which is awesome because I suck at real-life bowling.

Next. . . on to ski ball (which I REALLY suck at). . . Sar’s husband Jamie is amazing and always kicked everyone’s butts.

Sarah, Jamie, and my Cousin Anna

An action shot of me after I just landed 100 points (a rarity!)

Kirkle and Cousin Jeff play some game with guns. . . Jeff is SERIOUS about this.  🙂

We all played air hockey, too. . . this is a daddy/daughter match-up.

There are soooooooooooooo many other pictures, but you get the point. . . Fun, fun times!

After this, my sis and I went to the Tavern, as our Cousin Dustin was DJing. . . I don’t have many pics from there. . . but here’s a pic of us with Cousin Joanna.

The next day was Thanksgiving. . . and was filled with cooking madness in the morning.  Too many cooks in the kitchen. . . I have a whole new appreciation for that statement!

We went to Mom’s side for lunch. . . My Aunt Amy’s house, specifically.  My cousin Garrett, who is two-years old, is usually quite standoffish with me.  It’s the SUCKIEST part of moving away from home. . . your little cousins never remember you.  😦  However, this time was so exciting. . . he was attached at my hip and followed me around all day!

Here’s a picture of him with my mom. . . isn’t he adorable?

He says, “cheese” every time you take a picture, which cracks us all up.

I look scary so focus on the cute guy.  🙂  I’m going to cut myself out of that picture and get copies of it!

He is talking, but not too much.  One of his new things is referring to guys as “mean guys”. . . When my dad walked in, Grandpa asked Garrett who it was, and he said, “mean guy.” . . . I was reading a book to him with a truck driver in it.  I pointed to the truck driver and said, “Is this a man?”, to which he said, “No, mean guy.”  I even pointed to a picture of himself, and he said he was a “mean guy.”  Also, when you ask him his name, he says “me”. . . and when you have him repeat the ABC’s after you. . . “A”, “A”, “B”, “B”. . . when you get to “U”, instead of repeating “U,” he says “me.”  Ha!  So strange.  Aunt Amy and Gary are not sure why he’s stuck on this “me” thing. . .

I have tons more pictures, but I don’t have the patience to post them.  I let Garrett take some pictures with my camera, and they are pretty funny.  Maybe I’ll do another post on that some day.

Later in the day/weekend. . . I. . .

  • Saw my other grandparents
  • Went shopping with my sis
  • Met Mom, Dad, Leslie, and Emily at the Esquire
  • Went to Larry Kanfer’s gallery
  • Had dinner with Lizzle, John, Lizzle’s parents.  FUN!
  • Went to my Cousin Jennifer’s baby shower
  • Went to the Brown’s house
  • Ate at the Tavern with the parents and sissy
  • Went to BW3 to watch the IL/Tulsa game with parents and sissy
  • Went to church and Grandma and Grandpa’s. . . Grandpa is in good spirits so that’s good.
  • Worked, did other stuff that I can’t remember, etc.

Yes.  Busy.  Busier than depicted, actually.

Oh and. . . this is what it looked like from outside my window on Sunday. . . can we say, “Get me the hell back to Texas?”  😉



  1. I took at video of Garrett signing that day that you need to see.

    Jamie is thinking about going pro with ski ball.

  2. your family looks like a LOT of fun.
    my dad used to go to champaign b/c of john deere. i wonder if he still does?

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