Posted by: illinigirl | December 4, 2008

This city’s made us crazy, and we must get out

So I’m volunteering tonight. . . and I usually don’t have my phone anywhere near me, but I forgot to put my purse away so I had it with me.  Also, it wasn’t very busy, and I was basically chatting with some of the older kids and the night manager all night. . . so occasionally, I looked at my phone.

I got a text towards the end of my shift from a guy I know. . . he said “Come to a private party at ___. . . amazing. . . I think you’d like it.”

Okay, I looked up the place where the party was online.  Holy crap.  It was crazy nice.  It’s a swankety-swank resort.  Reading the website just made me feel like less of a person for not having stayed there before.

I texted the guy back and said that I was volunteering and didn’t think I’d be able to make it.

He texted me back and said it was a million dollar party and Ma roon five was there. . . and the word to get in is “_____”.

WHAT?  I’ve never been invited to a party where I had to use a password!  (Okay, not that this truly counts because it’s not like I was actualy invited.) . . . but I’ve never even been told to crash a party with a password.  🙂

I didn’t go for several reasons. . .

I would have had to come home after volunteering (~9:15), reconfigure my hair and make-up, and somehow figure out what to wear to a million dollar party???  No, I would need some serious work. . . and this cannot happen in short order.

I would feel weird just driving to this place.  I don’t think I would belong there.  It would be like country comes to the city or something.  Don’t get me wrong, I am professional and can mix with the best of them. . . but I think I would just feel uncomfortable in my cheap shoes, the cluch I got for free from Ann Taylor with my purchase, etc.  I am not normally self-consious about this stuff at all and basically don’t care about name brands or anything, but this would bother me, I think.

The guy that invited me is crazy.

I am so tired it’s not even funny. . . and am going to go to bed in a bit.

It would have made for an exciting blog though. . . would it not?



  1. That might have been a blog for the ages…!
    I know I have never been to a party where you needed a password!

  2. what? you should never say no to mar oon 5.

  3. For the love of God… You totally should’ve gone, if only for your blog readers!!

    Next time you get a chance to party with rock stars– DO IT!! 🙂

  4. You TOTALLY should have went!!! You may never have the chance to do something like that again!! And MAROON 5?? Adam Levine could have totally became your Mr. Illinigirl . . . and now you will never know ;-( And at a party like that . . . unless your wearing some major clodhoppers, I assure you nobody is looking at your shoes darlin! At least I wouldn’t be. Sigh** . . . nothing exciting ever happens here in the corn.

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