Posted by: illinigirl | November 25, 2008


Last Friday night, I went with Stuart, Jen, and a whole gaggle of Texans to the Greek Festival.  Can we say, “Fun?”  The city blocks off a street and a parking lot and has Greek food, Greek drinks, Greek music, Greek dancing. . . you name it, it’s Greek!

It was pretty crowded, but I think it’s normally worse when the temps are a little higher.  (This event is normally in October, but had to be changed due to the hurricane.)  It was pretty chilly Friday night (by Texas standards. . . but please note that it’s WARM again).

Stuart, Jen, and I decided to try some Greek wine. . . and they sell bottles with little glasses that are like shot glasses. . . yes, yes, very deceiving because you feel like you are not drinking much. . . but you are actually drinking FASTER and have no clue what you’ve had.  We went to the Greek Orthodox school to check out some traditional Greek dancing. . . and the school did not allow you to bring beverages in. . . so yep. . . we had to finish the bottle quick.  I told Jen that a) this was going to hit me like a ton of bricks and b) I would have to pee for sure. . . and have to leave the concert, as there were no bathrooms.  (I lasted for a short video and two songs before I had to leave!)

Here’s Stuart with the wine:

Here’s Jen and I (Jen, someone else at work asked if we were sisters!):

Stuart and Jen!

Dancing (of which I saw VERY little!)

Everyone enjoyed the eating portion of the night. . . but I didn’t feel that I’d be keen to the Greek food, seeing what I’d researched online. . . so I opted for pastries.  I bought two pastries, neither of which I could pronounce.  One was a wedding cookie. . . and one was a Christmas cookie.  The wedding cookie was delicious. . . the Christmas cookie. . . not so good.  I don’t like ginger, and I think it had a crapton of ginger in it.

Okay, but back to the wine.  Stuart procured another bottle after the dance show.  This bottle went down just as easily.  I was a bad influence and convinced my friend Lori to RUN after an old guy that is a news reporter so she could get her picture taken with him.  When I think about how I was yelling, “RUN!  CATCH HIM!  YOU’VE GOTTA GET A PICTURE!!!”, I just crack up.  Not to mention, Stuart was holding Lori’s camera so I tried to get him to run after Lori. . . Unfortunately, they did not catch him!  😉

We had a lot of fun, but elected to continue the party at Stuart’s house. . . where Stuart’s friend Josh was going to join us.

I think I was not so drunk as I was completely freaking exhausted and goofy tired!!!  I was laughing SO HARD the whole night. . . I think we all were.  At one point, we were talking about SNL skits and got talking about the Sean Connery Jeopardy ones.  Jen ended up pulling it up on youtube, and we gathered round the laptop and watched the greatest moments.  We were laughing so hard. . . then Matt snorted, which had us laughing even harder.



Then there was an incident with my pack of gum being under my butt on the couch, which set us off laughing big time, too.

I’m not sure if we were all just really tired, goofy, or intoxicated?  Maybe a little of all of the above!

Anyways. . . Good friends + Greek stuff + Good wine + Good beer = fun times!



  1. No Baklava??? I’m hungry just thinking about it…

  2. fun. i’ve never been to a greek festival – just a lot of irish ones since marrying eric.
    i love the title “opa”.
    my big fat greek wedding came out just before our wedding and we all went to see it.

  3. The Roloffs just had their first greek experience on their vacation to Orlando. You are such a copier.

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