Posted by: illinigirl | November 23, 2008

Everybody’s Got a Story

A reporter named Steve Hartman, does many of the human interest stories on CBS. 

He used to do “Everybody’s Got a Story”. . . where he would drive to a town. . . open up a phone book. . . and do a story on whoever he randomly picked.  My Aunt Amy got me watching those segments. . . and I really liked them (but I always did wonder if the people *truly* were randomly selected–Steve, if you read this, please let inquiring minds know. . . I will not think you are a fraud if you tell me no.)  Anyways, I always found that interesting and wondered. . . What would my story be?  What would my parents’, grandparents’, other random people I knew,  etc. stories be if Steve Hartman were to pick them in the phone book?  When you think about it. . . people are strange, and there’s a lot of things about people that we don’t know on the surface. . . so I think everyone does have a story to tell.

Now, Steve does “Assignment America” (which is very similar). . . I really like some of these stories.  I liked the one on Friday (“The Comeback Grandpa”). . . but this is one of my favorites ever. . . I love the ones with kids!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “School Lunch Surprise Video – CBSNews…“, posted with vodpod

Go to this website if you’d like to see more videos from Assignment America!



  1. I thought this was so cute, that it made me tear up. I need to pull myself together and go to work!

  2. i love the part where harrison (?) is pulling at his eyelashes and making noises while his friend is talking. kids are too funny.

  3. Very cute. I needed a feel good story tonight.

  4. Oh that was funny! I have tears in my eyes, Harrison was pretty funny!

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