Posted by: illinigirl | November 22, 2008

New artwork!

I got the greatest thing EVER in the mail today!

I’ve made no bones about the fact that my friend Nicole’s son Luke is my favorite artist. . . He’s so creative and cute!  I love it when she posts his pictures.  His Thanksgiving pictures were particularly festive. . . and imagine my surprise when I got a “Luke original” in the mail today!

My favorite aspects of this piece are that is the word “TURKEY” is drawn in alternating orange and blue colors.  He really “gets” me.  Also, the turkey is wearing glasses, like yours truly.

Nicole, I love it!  Tell Luke that this is going on my refrigerator!



  1. Hannah, I’m so glad you liked it!!

    When I mentioned that you would probably like to receive one, he got right to work on it…then came in and showed me that it was wearing glasses! I didn’t even ask.

  2. too cute. that definitely deserves a spot on the fridge.

  3. I LOVE kids artwork!!! When Sara Tingley came to visit Illinois (she lives in Iowa now), her 6 year old daughter drew me a picture and wrote “Miss you and love you” on it!!! It was the cutest thing ever!! I have 2 on my fridge from her and 2 from my friend Terra’s daughter from when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Doesn’t getting something like that just make you feel all warm fuzzy inside??

  4. Too cute and I love the glasses!

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