Posted by: illinigirl | November 22, 2008

How Anticlimactic


I (awkwardly) stayed at the bar until game time. . . and he wasn’t there.  I tried to hang around as long as I could, but it was just dumb.  He’s usually there somewhat early so I guess maybe he wasn’t coming.

This is an example of stupidity at it’s finest.  Oh well.

Another example of this is a guy that is also at the bar each week that I can tell has wanted to ask me out for weeks.  I honestly have been avoiding him more than anything because I want Mr. Gorgeous to ask me out. . . not him.  That would just be strange.  Well, I ran into him tonight, and he SOOOO wanted to do it and so SOOOO close, but he ended up just asking me my name.  Dude, you won’t see me for another year so you missed your chance.

Aaaaand. . . so did I.  😦

Oh well, time to put my dancin’ shoes on and hit the town!



  1. crap. isn’t that the way it always is?
    but…you never know, maybe you’ll randomly stumble across him.
    good luck!

  2. Maybe he took this week off for Thanksgiving and headed home already.

  3. Maybe. Several of my Illini friends were already at home.

  4. Way too early to give up on this. At the very least, he will likely be back at bowl time. Maybe after Thanksgiving. What will it hurt to do a couple of flybys at the bar?

  5. I’m with Pat . . . don’t give up hope yet. And yes, she is absolutely right. The bowl games will probably be a great opportunity!! And by the way . . don’t be afraid to ask for their name or digits!! At the very least, you will have made a new friend to hang out with!!

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