Posted by: illinigirl | November 20, 2008


Do any of you watch “Ace of Cakes?”  Well, it’s on the Food Network, and I love it.  Love Duff, love his staff. . . they are so fun, so creative and amazing!  (I also have a bit of a crush on Geof. . . who is absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh out loud with his dry sense of humor.)

Katherine made my favorite cake ever a few nights ago. . . it was so cute, so cool.  It was a wedding cake where the layers were made to look like french toast.  . . and a cute little french mouse was popping out of it.  I love it when couples do really personal and strange cakes.  I however, am not a fan of fondant so I don’t think I’d enjoy eating one of these cakes.  I like my icing “whippy”!

Check out this site for CCC:

Here is a blog that they featured on CCC’s site. . . I LOVE it.  I know some of you have blogged about your cake wrecks. . . so I think you’ll enjoy some of these!  My favorite is when the decorator is told to draw a picture of something and instead, writes the words. . . Like when you ask them to put Happy Birthday and  flowers on the cake. . . and they write “Happy Birthday” and  “Flowers” with icing.
Check it out!


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