Posted by: illinigirl | November 16, 2008

Advice Noted

Okay, okay, okay. . . I’m going to talk to Mr. Gorgeous and see what happens. . . and I will plan on somehow securing another meeting.  I don’t have anything big going on the next few weekends so I don’t know what I could invite him to.  I told my mom that I could do something like Fraiser did on the TV show where he told a girl he was having a party that night just to have an excuse to see her again.  Mom’s comment was classic, “I think you should refrain from having strangers in your house.”  😀

No, no, I’m not going to create a party, but I’ll come up with something if it seems right.  Bridget, that’s a good idea about basketball season.

Maybe he doesn’t have any interest, but dangit, I’m pretty dense when it comes to this stuff so I’m thinking if *I think* he has interest. . . he probably actually does.  One of my blog readers emailed me and wonders if he has a girlfriend and that’s why he’s not asking me out.  Yep, it’s possible. . . but dude, I personally would not think that someone would reciprocate touches with strangers (even though they are nothing) if they were involved with someone else.  Then again, we’re in Texas. . . also, I apparently have no issue in touching strangers.  Ha! 😀  Also, my friend said that she can’t imagine that gorgeous guys don’t have experience asking girls out so she would have thought he’d asked me out if he was truly interested. . . Agreed. . . but I guess there are probably some gorgeous guys that are shy or haven’t let the looks go to their heads???

Also, one other dumb aspect to this is that are games are not at the same time on Saturday. . . so that means I’m going to have to hang out at the sports bar alone in the frame of time when NO GAMES ARE ON until he arrives.  Maybe the old crazy guy from OSU will let me hang out with him. . . or maybe my bartender pals?  This has the potential of being REALLY stupid!!!  Oh. . . my life is entertaining.

Anyways, thanks for the moral support, and I’ll keep you posted on the saga.  😉



  1. I just read your initial post last night and I’ve been trying to decide if I have any additional advice to add to the discussion (especially since I’m not the world’s most successful dater myself!)

    A few things:

    1) I wouldn’t necessarily assume that touching one’s arm signifies a real interest OR that the guy is unattached. It *might* but some people are just more touchy-feely than others.

    2) Having said that, I think you should *definitely* give him your number with a SPECIFIC invitation. “Call me sometime” is just not going to cut it. It doesn’t need to be an “event,” it could just be coffee or drinks or something.

    3) I think it’s better to be direct. The worse that can happen is he’ll say “no thanks” or “i have a girlfriend.” Yeah, that would suck, but it wouldn’t be HORRIBLE.

    The best that can happen is that he’ll say he’s totally into you, too, and would love to go out with you. I think the potential payoff is *much* better than the potential let-down so go for it!!

    I’m anxious to hear how all of this turns out!!

  2. Oh yeah, I didn’t read too much into the touching. . . other than it was more than I would expect from a stranger. . . I guess it doesn’t really signify that he’s taken/single whatever so forget that nonsensical rambling!

    Also, Texas is extremely huggy-touchy-feely. I could write an entire blog entry on that. As a matter of fact, I will do that.

    I only find it unusual when people are touchy-feely and are complete strangers and NOT from Texas. 🙂

    Thanks for the advice! I will try and come up with something specific.

    My friend Siobhan is so cute. She wrote me today saying that this is like waiting for the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Hahaha. 😀

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