Posted by: illinigirl | November 15, 2008

Passin’ the Illibuck. . .

The picture of me at the top of my blog header was from one of my favorite days ever. . . the day when Illinois beat OSU in football last year.  What a glorious, glorious day for 100 reasons.  (One of those reasons being that our bar is full of OSU fans who sat in our section, and were stupid. . . and ended up having to slink out in the 4th quarter with their tails between their legs.)  😉  I love big games where the underdog prevails.  So fun. . . and yes, I even wore an Illinois shirt to church the next day.  Tacky?  Perhaps, but I think God was excited, too.

Here’s a picture of part of our small but mighty cheering section from that day!

Today, of course was quite different from last year.  First all, I called the manager of the bar two weeks ago to ask to be seated as far away from OSU as possible.  They obliged.  🙂

Here is a picture to show the feelings that my friend Anne and I felt at the beginning at the game:

And here is our picture during the 4th quarter. . .

I will just have to remember the glory of last year!!!  🙂

If you are not an Illini and don’t know what the heck the Illibuck is, check this out.  I asked the University Question Board Anne’s excellent question. . . “When we have the Illibuck, where do we keep it?”  (Please also note that this is one of my favorite websites–The Campus/Community answers are particularly fun.  This used to be a bulletin board in the library when I was in school, then they went high-tech!)



  1. i loved question board! i wasted hours reading the answers and stifling laughter in the undergrad. now i’ll have to check this out. though, to me, the board was somehow funnier…

  2. we had the best thing at ku called ku info. it was the best. you could call them and ask them anything.
    i do like how you can see all the q and a’s on the question board.

  3. Nicole, I loved the “real” board, too. . . I wonder if they still have it? I’m sure it went the way with Telnet. That’s another question that I can ask the QB!

    Suzanne, I’ve read about that on your blog before. . . that does sound really fun.

    Oh, and I forgot to add in this entry. . . Anne and I were trying so hard not to laugh in the “sad” picture. . . apparently it’s difficult to act sad (even when you are) when you’ve had several beers. . . and are cracking up about different quotes such as “$1.99 for a WHOLE CHICKEN?!?!” and “This makes me wanna caulk!”

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