Posted by: illinigirl | November 13, 2008


I have always had a sweet commuting gig.  Yes, I plan it that way.

Nothing will ever beat my TWO minute commute in New Hampshire.  No, I’m not kidding.  It could be ~three minutes if I hit the traffic light at work. . . but that was about it.  The people I worked with called it the “one-song commute”.  Awesome.

My commute in TX is ~12 minutes on the way to work and ~20 minutes on the way home.  (I go a slightly more round-about route on the way home to avoid feelings of certain death due to multiple merges across four lanes of busy traffic.) 

I have run into traffic issues TWICE on my way home in the nearly two years I have lived here. . . until this week. . . where I had #3 due to the fact it was sprinkling.  (Never mind ice. . . Seriously, you don’t wanna even drive in the rain here.  The world STOPS.)  When I lived here before, I had two instances coming home in the year. . . and one was due to MAJOR, MAJOR flooding.

So yeah, traffic is not an issue for me. . . Which is really cool seeing as I live in a huge city where public transportation is really not an option.

Well, tonight, I had to drive to a visitation somewhat far away. . . but traffic doubled this. . . BOTH ways.  I left work at ~4:25 p.m.  I arrived ~5:30? p.m. or so.  Stop and go for at least 16.5 miles of the 17.7 miles on one of the interstates.  I stayed at the visitation for ~15-20 minutes.  It took me an hour to get back anywhere near town.  I stopped to eat on the way because I thought that going to this place would help by taking me off the interstate.  No.  I think it was bad with BOTH options.  It took me ~25 minutes to get home after I got take-out (it would normally take me ~5-10 minutes to get home.). . . so I got home after 7:00 p.m. . . It was a rule tonight that any lane that I went to. . . SUCKED.  Clearly my traffic instincts are terrible.

Anyway. . . bottom line. . . I am not sure how people can deal with this each day.  I would be such a cranky horrible person.  Thank God, I have a great commute to work, and all businesses most important to me (grocery store, starbucks, ice cream, Ann Taylor, Chipotle) are all a few blocks (or less that a block!) away from my house.  😀

Thank God I’m a city girl.



  1. we’re the same as you…i work .5 miles from our house and eric works 2 miles away. it is so nice.

  2. dude. i am so jealous. jk only has to go 3 miles by i have to go almost 30. this was VERY stressful when i drove and it took at least an hour each way AND at least once a week there were major issues causing major delays.

    now i ride the bus! i dont care HOW long it takes because i am usually engrossed in a book!! it’s so much better letting someone else drive! also the first year i lived here i put 25000 miles on my car. last year i think i put like 3000. hello! awesome!

    anyway…as long as i live in metro detroit i will always have a long commute. unless i move to the city. which is …. no.

  3. It wouldn’t make sense for me to take the bus, as I don’t live that far away from work. . . also, there is a bus stop near work, but never in my three different years here, have I ever, ever seen a bus anywhere near work. I have, however, seen a prostitute waiting at the bus stop.

    I commend you for bussing though, queenlizzle.

    queenlizzle has written blogs about the crazy characters she meets on the bus in Detroit every day. Can you imagine? 🙂

    For me, the solution is. . . don’t venture out to the suburbs. Ever. 🙂

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