Posted by: illinigirl | November 10, 2008

I know we’re all over the election

I had another post started about how disgusted I am about how much money was raised/spent on the election by both candidates and how many needy people it could help. . . BUT I aborted that post because I fell out of love with the idea of doing any sort of math in my spare time  (Yes, I began creating an excel spreadsheet to help me in figuring out how much stuff it could buy), and I was just getting P.O.ed.  Not worth it.  I will state for the record that I understand that you have to run a good campaign and spend money to get your name out. . . but it still irks me when I think of ALL that money going towards a campaign and crappy commercials, etc. when there are so many people in need.  RANT OVER.  Thank you for listening  🙂

So instead of writing about that. . . I will feature a video on the campaign. . . yes, I went from being disgusted to somewhat in awe.

You all know that I was not enamored with either candidate this election. . . but I couldn’t help but be a little inspired after watching 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

I really enjoyed watching this interview, despite not having extremely strong feelings either way.  Can you imagine what an undertaking it is to run a campaign and get a candidate elected?  I can’t.  There is so much to consider, that I can’t even imagine.  I found this interview interesting, but I also liked what the campaign team had to say about their candidate.

You know when someone really wants to emulate the manager they work for, respects a professor in school and wants to work really hard for them, or really adores a priest than can deliver a message in way to really make them think. . . how that looks/feels? This is what the inner circle really made me think about. . . they really, really, really respect this guy. I love seeing examples of this because sadly, I don’t see this everyday (and particularly in politics, it seems).

If you haven’t seen it and have any interest, watch below. . . Even if you voted the other way, I thought it was a good interview of four very intelligent people. . .

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Even though I’ve been DEVOURING everything I can about the election, it was good to hear from the campaign staff themselves.

    Regardless of where people stand on the election, one thing is for sure… this was one of the most successful campaigns in history–one that will likely be studied and emulated for many years.

    It is refreshing to see how much confidence, faith, and respect they have for their “boss.” I guess that’s what it takes to be successful.

  2. If you were upset about the money spent on the election, you don’t want to see that Obama has to raise an additional $58 million for the inauguration and his moving to the White House. $58 million to move and throw a party…crazy.

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