Posted by: illinigirl | November 6, 2008

A Thursday night Haiku

I have been sicky.
I just took a benadryl.
Too foggy for blog*.

*I really wanted to write “too foggy for bloggy”. . . but that would not be a haiku.  Only five syllables in the last line, my friends. . . DANGIT.



  1. You are a big dork.
    Lay off of the benadryl.
    Nyquil works better.

  2. Why are you still up?
    Why did you say on facebook. . .
    that you need much beer?

    Impressive, sister.

    I needed benadryl for antihist. action. . . although it’s been surprisingly unhelpful.

    And. . . DANGIT. The WORST feeling in the world is being EXHAUSTED yet unable to sleep.

    Yep. That’s me right now. Tomorrow should be fun. 😛

  3. I have only had one beer in the past month (Thanks Uncle Deano for my Halloween beer). It is time to get back to my binge drinking days. Illio is having a fundraiser at Kam’s tomorrow night, so I’ll be drinking for a good cause and probably be the oldest person in the place!

  4. Drink a beer for me tomorrow night. . . as I will be crashed out on the couch making up for not sleeping tonight.

    P.S.–My sister is actually NOT (usually) an alcoholic.

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