Posted by: illinigirl | November 2, 2008

So much to blog about. . . so little time.

I will have to do a post of randomness to start off and go into more detail later because today just got away from me!

I voted (yes, we had early voting here, thank God).  I am NOT pleased with my decision, but I would not have been pleased with any decision I made.  What a disappointment.

I voted on Halloween, which was interesting.  I voted with a convict, a disco girl, a tin woman, a scary clown, a crazy lady (not sure if she was dressed up for halloween or if she just always looks crazy), etc.  I wanted to take pictures of these people in line to vote, but I thought this might be awkward.  We waited in line ~1 hour. . . and this had been open and fairly busy for TWO WEEKS.  Can you imagine what madness it’s going to be in cities where they don’t have early voting?

I’ve only voted in my small town.  (The last presidential election, I didn’t get my license changed in time for whatever state I was in–Missouri, I guess). Voting in this big crazy city, near downtown, was a circus.  Wow.

Two halloween parties. . . and one that involved a drive.  I had fun, but I honestly wasn’t in the mood to do much of ANYTHING.  So, so, so tired. . . as I am most every Friday. . . but even more so.  I will post pictures some other night this week.

Great day overall.

The morning, was glorious.  I slept in a bit. . . and ran errands. . . and everything just worked like clockwork.  I didn’t have to wait in line anywhere, dealt with awesome people, found stuff that I needed, etc.  Also, normally when I run errands, I am in SUCH a RUSH.  Saturday morning, I just kinda piddled and did whatever the hell I wanted.

Later, this piddling would bite me in the *** a bit because I had very little time to get ready for my game watch and do some other stuff I had to do!

The game watch was super fun.  Lots of people came. . . and some people I hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was fun hanging out, and I got to hold my friend’s baby. . . and he is sooooooo cute and so good.  Also, Illinois won.  What could be better?  (Okay, Illinois could have played a hellova lot better. . . but oh well.)

Then, rush to go home and put on the evening look. . . Dinner and dancing with Jackie, Chrissy, and Corey (sp?).  I will do a separate blog about this as well.  Quite an eventful and fun night.

Death of allergies.  I was basically miserable the whole night while trying to sleep. . . and felt like crap Sunday morning.  I should have taken more drugs before church and opted for glasses instead of contacts. . . and I should have left church after communion given that my contact was stuck in the corner of my eye, and I had tears streaming down my face, and felt like a piece of poo.  Not a good church experience today.

Came home, made breakfast, did laundry. . . laid down for a bit because my allergies were not allowing me to do anything else.

Talked on the phone to queenlizzle, Liz M., Mommy. . . made lasagna. . . which is AMAZING (if I do say so myself).

Random Weekend Announcements–
Three couples I know got engaged in the past week.  While I have no idea if I’ll be invited to all the weddings, all indications are saying that this will be another big wedding year for me (shock!).

I am apparently camping next weekend.  I’ve been told that there are no exceptions!  🙂  However, if my allergies keep this up, I will only be staying Friday night.  I can’t afford to keep sleeping so crazy and feeling like hell all the time.

Liz M. is going to Europe FOREVER (okay not that long. . . just seems like it). . . I am not sure who is going to fill my phone talking void during this dark period of time.  I’m going to have to busy myself.

My friend Jasmine went to the Madonna concert this weekend and left me a VM on Sat. night of her singing “Like a Prayer” (our song!).  It was awesome!  😀

Time to sleep.  Come on benadryl. . . don’t let me down.



  1. poor thing…you would think that allergy season should be over soon.
    i’m so glad i voted early too. we had to wait 30 minutes but it probably would have been longer if i went tomorrow.

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