Posted by: illinigirl | October 28, 2008

Tuesday Night Randomness

Tonight was crappy, but I’m not in the mood to talk about crappy stuff right now. . . so I will focus on the positives. . .

I STILL haven’t done a proper Dallas post, but I haven’t had time and won’t have much time for a while. . . which is a positive thing because that means I have friends to do stuff with all the time!

Jackie is moving sooner rather than later. . . but we have one (if not two) dancing nights in our future.

I have double-booked myself on Friday and am potentially triple-booking myself.  There will have to be some compromising with my time!  I am still not sold on my Halloween idea.  No clue what I will do if I decide I don’t like my options. . . Believe it or not, I did work diligently online with this for the past few weeks. . . yet I am thinking the costumes I liked would not fit my oddly proportioned body.

My friend Ryan is in town for work, and we are going to have dinner tomorrow night.  I’m excited to see him, but I wish his wife Melissa could have jumped in his suitcase as well so she could join us!

My cousin Jeff proposed to his girlfriend Tracy!  Yes, yes, we knew this was coming, but we are still excited.  Happy for Cousin Jeff and happy to have Tracy (who was a friend of my sister’s) to be joining our family!  Here’s a pic of Tracy and Tank enjoying some of Grandma’s famous homemade ice cream. . .

My friend Nicole posted this on her blog. . . she has a very talented friend named Olivia that makes all sort of cool stuff and is trying to drum up some more business.  Check out this contest. . . I love her stuff and think she does an awesome job when it comes to paper products. . . as well as aprons, bags, etc.  I have not entered any of her contests because a) I wanted a mommy or a person getting married to win the first one. . . and b) While the apron in the current contest is really cute, I just purchased this Texas gem to wear when I’m baking or preparing for parties:


Yes, it has a boot AND fringe.  Please, don’t be jealous.  We can’t all move to Texas and embrace the cowgirl culture. . . or we’d all be. . . me. . . or Sheryl Crow. . . or something.



  1. cute apron hannah!

    thanks for the link 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for Jeff & Tracy. I need to email him congratulations NOW!!

    Oh, and it’s looking like I’ll never get around to that Project Runway post, so I’ll probably just drop you an email!

  3. Two comments…
    Have you decided on a cat costume yet for Friday? Do you need me to send you more examples??? and…

    Cute apron…how in the world did you take the picture??? Inquiring minds want to know??

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