Posted by: illinigirl | October 27, 2008

Smokin’ Cigarettes and Watchin’ Captain Kangaroo

Have you ever wondered what happened to candy cigarettes?

My sis and I used to get them ALL the time. . . along with the gum cigarettes (that gave a puff of flour when you blow on them), gum cigars, etc.

Now, I think that the message that this sends to children is pretty bad. . . essentially, that it’s cool to smoke and pretend to smoke. . . However, for the record, my sister and I don’t smoke and basically hate smoke so it clearly did not affect us.  No worries, Mom and Dad!  🙂

I haven’t seen candy cigarettes since. . . childhood. . . until my sister found some in a gas station in Kentucky a few months back and bought a pack for me. . .

I’ve been meaning to do a blog entry on this. . . and it just so happened that we landed upon the motherload of candy cigarettes in Fort Worth this weekend.

Take a look at our purchases:

This is also the one that Sarah got for me. . .

And this. . . my friends was the most funny but the most disturbing. . . . WHAT?  Please tell me that these had been laying around since 1952 and that they are not still making these?  (Upon further investigation, these were made in China so who knows. . . and upon further investigaton, I’m not going to eat these ones whether they are from 1952 or not.)

I am going to give the candy cigarettes to a friend that is quitting next week as a healthy alternative for her.  😉

In other news. . . One of my friends wore this shirt in a facebook picture.  Because I don’t know her all that well and she might not appreciate being on my blog. . . I will remove her face to protect the innocent. . . but I thought this shirt was great.

After being in Dallas this weekend, where people can smoke in the bars and restaurants. . . I am SO thankful that Houston is a non-smoking city.  It just makes every experience out so much better.   I’ve come to the point where I just can’t stand smoke and am so sensitive. . . As someone with allergies and eye issues and someone that goes out a lot, it just makes life so much nicer to not have to deal with that. . . (and not to smell like poo when I go home!)

I must say that I am still surprised that this law passed in Houston. . . as it seems soooooo many people smoke, and it’s always ranked pretty high up on the least healthy city list.  I am so appreciative though.

This anti-smoking message was brought to you by:  Candy Cigarettes



  1. my siblings and i loved candy cigarettes! and none of us are smokers, either. however, i don’t want the boys to ever see them!

    funny tee!

  2. is this your attempt at getting a shipment of free cigarettes from a candy cigarette company? 🙂

    also detroit is a smoking city. i swear i would go out a lot more if i didn’t have to worry about smoke. they have been trying to get a smoking ban passed but the casinos keep effing it up.

    i mean, seriously. if houston can do it, so can we, right?

  3. i haven’t seen those candy cigarettes in a long time. aren’t they just wrong?

  4. I gave the candy cigarettes to my co-workers, and now all they do is commit time theft with all their smoking breaks. 🙂

  5. I ate all of my candy cigarettes AND had one of the strawberry gum ones that “puffed” when you pretended to smoke it. It was the best way to commit time theft ever!

  6. I remember “smoking” candy cigarettes when it was cold out and pretending our breath was smoke.

    I’m hoping that the “just like dad” pack is an attempt at irony.

    Ever since the bars here have been smoke-free, it’s weird to go somewhere smoking is allowed. Smoke-free is the way to be.

    Great post!

  7. I loved the candy cigs, they were the best and didn’t turn me into a smoker either and I’m so glad the bars/restaurants here are smoke free!

    On the “Just Like Dad” pack, I was at a meeting yesterday where the mother’s complaint regarding her son was that he doesn’t budget his money when he comes to visit her…She said, “He smokes all my cigarettes and doesn’t bring $$ to buy his own and I can’t afford to keep supplying him…” WOW!! It was an interesting meeting!

  8. […] note that I do not smoke and am not a fan, BUT Anne and I borrowed these for our picture.  Yes, I will completely abandon my principles for […]

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