Posted by: illinigirl | October 25, 2008

Guest Blogger–Interview by Barbara Walters (or how about my sister?)

Hannah’s Sister–Which one of the kids from Jon and Kate plus 8 is your favorite?

Me–This is difficult. . . I will say Aaden for the boys and Leah for the girls.

Here’s my favorite Aaden moment:

Hannah’s Sister–Which one of my childhood toys did you hide from me all the time. . . and why?

Me–The jack-in-the-box.  Why?  It was creepy, and jumped out and scared the crap of me.  I don’t like having the crap scared out of me by a clown shooting from a box.  Apparently some kids enjoyed this. . . but I NEVER played with this. . . and when you were old enough to play with it, I would bury it in your closet.

Hannah’s Sister–I’m a mac, and you’re a PC. . . but WHY?  Why won’t you convert?

Me–I’m typing on your mac right now.  I like the computer, but I HATE the operating software.  I can’t stand macs.  If could buy a windows based mac, I would. . . but seeing as I can’t. . . it’s PCs all the way.

Hannah’s Sister–Who would you rather make out with. . . Rosie O’Donnell, Lil” Jon, or Tully (my dog)?

Me–Hands down, Lil’ Jon.

Hannah’s Sister–When we played “house” when we were little, what did we call it?

Me–“Ollie and Kermie”. . . Sarah’s cabbage patch boy was named “Ollie Cornelius”. . . and we always brought our muppet babies dolls in the mix of odd children. . . so baby Kermit (Kermie) was another one of her children.  I don’t know why my children (Marjorie Murtle and Miss Piggy) were left out of the mix when naming this game.

Hannah’s Sister–Did you ever pull your sister in a wagon behind your bike, take a corner too sharp, tip the wagon over, and continue to drag her behind you. . . scraping her back?

Me:  Honestly, I have no recollection of this incident.  I remember pulling you behind me on the wagon. . . but I don’t remember a dragging incident.  Clearly, it must not have had as big of an impression on me as it did you.  Sorry, sister.

Hannah’s Sister–Who is your favorite sister?

Me:  Can I vote for Rachel?  (My dad told one of the neighbor girls that we had another sister named Rachel that lived in our attic and couldn’t talk to people because she didn’t have a mouth and ate from her belly button.)  Okay, okay. . . I guess you’re my favorite sister.



  1. hannah, i love your interviews! when you’re the interviewer, or when you have a guest interviewer 🙂 always makes me laugh!

  2. I still have to cry myself to sleep every night because of the wagon incident.

  3. i think you must have traumatized her with the wagon incident. you’d better get her something good for x-mas to make it up to her.

  4. Cracking up, I forgot about “Rachel” and “Ollie and Kermie.” Good work girls.

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