Posted by: illinigirl | October 22, 2008

Missed connections

Craigslist has this feature called “missed connections”. . . and if I’m in desparate need for entertainment, I will look at this page.  I don’t think I’ve looked at this in months, but it cracks me up.

Have you ever been out and met someone and thought. . . What the hell was I thinking?  Why didn’t I talk to that guy or give him my number?

This has happened to me a few times.  One notable time was the first time I was in Texas, which still really bothers me.  I seriously turned to stalking and tried to call this guy at work. . . but his name was “Mike” or something and he worked at a huge office. . . making him impossible to find.  He was a great guy with a lot of common interests and was really funny. . . and by the time I finally realized that he was totally interested in me, he was leaving the bar and bidding me goodnight.  Why was I not smart enough to pick up on this?  Not sure.

Or maybe you’ve seen someone cute. . . say at the grocery store or church?  😉  You don’t talk to them, but you think. . . DANG, I should have.

Well, “missed opportunities” is for you (and for some creeps and strange people).  It also reminds me of the shoutout section of the DI in college. . . WHO REMEMBERS THIS???  This was the greatest thing ever and provided much entertainment on Thursdays.

An example of this would be:

–“To the girl standing by the alma mater in a black shirt on thursday.  You’re hot.  I was the guy in the yellow shirt.  Meet me at R&R’s on Saturday night if you’re intersted in seeing me again.”  (only oftentimes with LESS detail and articulation)

I had a small business class on Thursday my senior year where some girl in our class wrote about some guy and referred to him as “Vanilla Ice, only hotter” in the shout outs. . . we passed the paper around the ENTIRE class.  Poor girl and poor Vanilla Ice.  I wonder if the girl ever told Vanilla that she was the one that wrote him a shout out!

ANYHOWSERS. . . “missed opportunities” is a grown-up version of shout outs.  Here are some of my favs from the past few weeks in my city:

–We smiled at each other in the Northwest Mall
We caught each others eye and smiled
You work in a store and I was walking by..about 1p.m. today.
I’m a white male

(Hmmm. . . this probably narrows it down.  I don’t know about you all. . . but I smile at people constantly.  I would most likely not remember smiling at someone.) 

–Jan 2006 Bush Airport
We talked outside briefly about 3 years’ve crossed my mind a number of times since then. YOU work for one of the airlines, latin background, i think you told me argentina, ME puerto rican, live down in costa rica. We had a cigarette outside together, and then I had to leave to catch my flight, and forget to ask you for your number.

(Three years ago?  Really?  Maybe I should post my three years ago encounter. . . or maybe NOT.)

–You crashed into the concrete pole
We met at the bar, you did a double yager shot, invited me to go home with you.
I don’t even know your name, you followed me onto the roadway, but only made it a block or so before you crashed HARD into the light pole. I told you not to drive……I turned around to check on you but your were being loaded onto a stretcher and on the way to the hospital. If you see this tell me what kind of car you were driving and I’f your’re allright.

(WHAT?  PLEASE tell me this isn’t serious!!!)

–At Walgreens
I was with my bro and I bought de0trant n taLL and a lil chubby… .I thought u were super cUte! But was too shy to ask u out… wana go to a movie or sumthing?

(Um. . . where do I sign up?  You’ve marketed yourself so well!)

–You were unconsious in the middle of the street
It was at Tidwell. you said you had taken pills. I called an ambulance. Never saw you again. I hope you are ok.

(Again. . . WHAT???)

Well, weather you want to see if you’re the lucky recipient of a message or simply want to be entertained. . . check it out.  😉



  1. what???? even if you were the one being loaded onto the stretcher, who wants to be remembered for that? that is one of the funniest things i’ve heard in a while.

  2. Han, do you think the pole crasher might live in Philly now and be a VP?? It was the double yager shot that tipped me off…

  3. remember the new orleans *uck lsu stalker guy? i’m pretty sure he directed some shoutouts at me. however, they were vague enough that they might NOT have been at me. but he called 1923809128301 times when we got back to il and i never answered. then, suddenly, shoutouts: if you call someone 100 times and they never answer, should you assume they are dead?

    answer: yes.

  4. Well, weather you want to see if you’re the lucky recipient of a message or simply want to be entertained. . . check it out

    Hanner…Mrs. Farney would be so upset at you….

    I’m a little sad that no one writes to me in missed connections when they find me unconscious in the middle of the street!!!

  5. I agree with Hannah’s Sister on the Mrs. Farney thing, she would be pissed! BTW, I remember and loved the shoutout section!

    I think you should send a “missed connection” to the guy from a few years ago, what’s it going to hurt?

    I also read about this on CNN just this week…

  6. For the record, I did notice my error but failed to fix it. Now I’m keeping it up there to spite you all. Ha!

    Mrs. Farney still loves me, I’m sure.

    Kim, I would do a missed connection if there was any any chance of him reading it. . . if you read enough of them online, you will see that they mostly appear to be psychos. I just can’t let “missed connections” occur. . . and when I meet cool people, I need to make the most of it in the moment and wonder why I didn’t act on my feelings.

    Kim also rocked because she sent me shout-outs in the DI. They wouldn’t say my name or anything. . . they were just strange quotes that only I would know about.

    “Would you walk a mile for cheese? I’d walk a mile for cheese.”

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