Posted by: illinigirl | October 15, 2008

Lookin for love in all the wrong places

I was inspired this weekend when I was at the mall to think about the seemingly best and worst places to meet guys in my neck of the woods.

NOW, this entry would give the impression that I actually date a lot or something.  I do not.  So this is kind of an imaginary thing. . . like where do I go where I *think* I could meet an approachable, attractive, intelligent, single boy that like girls. . . based on the general demographic.

I will rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the LEAST likely place I’d meet the future Mr. illini_girl.  (Not to say that I’m necessarily looking for the future Mr. illini_girl right now. . . but these are my musings. . . for fun.)

The Mall

Luckily I go to the mall to have my hair done, procure clothing and make-up because this is NOT a place to look for guys.  Approximately 95% of men there are with women. . . and 3% appear to be dating other men.  The one exception is surprisingly my hair salon there. . . where there seem to be some women-loving, seemingly normal boys out on their own (so possibly? single). . . however, this is still not a huge statistic by any means, so this is not recommended.  Score = 2


This is tricky. . . first of all, there are TONS of cute girls out running along my trail!  They are fit and adorable, there are TONS of them.  Please note that there are usually approximately 20 cute girls in their 20s/30s that I see. . . usually approximately 1 middle-aged lady, approximately 5 men in their sixties. . . AND APPROXIMATELY 2-3 GUYS IN THEIR 20s/30s.  What the hell, boys?  Where are you?  I know that this is really NOT a place to meet people because how do you approach someone when they are running in the opposite direction listening to an ipod. . . but still, if nothing else, I’d appreciate some eye candy so throw me a bone and start running. . .  Score = 3 (only higher than the mall because some of the boys that *do* run look amazing)


This is definitely one of the more promising places on a number of levels. A) It would be ideal to find a guy that shares my beliefs and B) It’s nice when you see guys alone in church because oftentimes this means they are truly single. . . and they have their priorities in order if they are going to church alone.  Another awesome thing is that when you are going to church in a city. . . and particularly a city with so many Catholics. . . there are a large number of single boys in church each week.  Yes, I do look around in church occasionally, and I’m sure God supports it.  This is another tricky scenario because. . . it’s not easy to approach people in church either.  While my gaze may occasionally stray, I generally *am* focused on the task at hand.  Unless someone wants to talk on the way out of church, this is probably not going to work.  I thought about joining the young Catholic club in my church, but honestly, I’m spread too thin as it is. . . so we’ll see.  One guy from church did stop me at the grocery store after Mass one morning, and we ended up talking for ~15 minutes.  Unfortunately, I was not really interested in him, but he’s a great guy.  It’s awesome that he approached me, and we still talk after Mass occasionally.  (Funny enough, he stopped me in the grocery store, as I was looking in the beer aisle at 10:30 on a Sunday trying to see if they carried a beer I was looking for.)  😉  Score = 7 (I think there could be some promise in this location) 

My Country Bar

Wow. . . this is going to get two different scores based on my normal experience and some rare, extraordinary experiences.  I love two-stepping, even though I’m so-so.  I started going more often and have really improved. . . and now, I love it even more (twirling is my favorite thing in the world). . . but as far as meeting guys. . . unless I’m looking in the range of age 50-70, this is generally NOT a good place. . . because a lot of the younger guys don’t dance or apparently don’t have the guts to ask girls to dance.  I’m basically a regular at this bar now. . . so I’ve come to know some of the other regulars. . . some of which happen to be elderly.  It’s not really so bad dancing with them at times, but sometimes I’m gazing on the sidelines thinking “hmmmm, who could I be dancing with if I wasn’t dancing with this old man?”  There have been a few rare exceptions so I can’t completely discount it.  I met one friend there that is extremely cute, fun, an amazing dancer, etc. . . but this certainly doesn’t happen every night!  Score = 7 (only due to the fact that there have been some exceptions to the rule and that there is potential for meeting a cute cowboy, but I’d generally give this place a 4)

The Grocery Store

Well, Jen says that her grocery store is awesome on Sunday nights for cute boys. . . mine is excellent EVERY single night.  My grocery store is a hotbed of hotties.  Despite that any entry I do where I am ranting involves grocery shopping and I am generally pissed off somehow by oblivious people, I do generally enjoy looking at the scenery.  I think that the grocery store is a completely approachable place. . . although I’ve never done it.  One night a few months ago, I swear a boy wanted to talk to me so badly but didn’t know how to do it.  I should have just talked to him and made it easy for him.  I’m not above doing that if I get clear signals. . . or even if I don’t get clear signals, I guess.  (Please note that this grocery store option REALLY depends on where you live.  My best friend Liz’ grocery store in CA. . . also amazing.  The store in my town in New Hampshire. . . Horrible.  I never saw young people.  Ever.  Please also note, that churches also depend on where you live.  In my small town church in New Hampshire. . . it was me and the blue hairs.  The only people I made friends with were in their 70’s.)  Score for MY grocery store = 8

The Internet

Holy hell.  No.  I tried online dating, and to be fair, I didn’t really give it *much* of a chance as I didn’t actually *date* anyone there either. . . but the guys I was being matched up with were. . . not what I was looking for.  They actually mostly scared the crap out of me from the very beginning.  I think the internet would be a great medium for people that struggle to talk to new people or break the ice. . . My problem has never been meeting people. . . my problem is just not wanting to be in a relationship.  Also, I’m not uber-superficial. . . but some of the online guys looked downright frightening (and my sister and Mom can speak to this. . . as I showed them some of the pictures once when I was home last year, and they both said “eewww.”.  Dude, if you’re putting up a picture on a profile. . . could you comb your hair, or wear a decent shirt, or not pose with your shirt off because that scares me, or not smile like a creepy-von-creeperson, or not pose by a star wars statue, or not pose with cats crawling all over you?  Thanks.  Maybe you can find someone that is interested in those things so more power to ya. . . but I’m not feelin’ it!!!  Score = 2

So. . . looks like I need to spend more QT at the grocery store and church. . . but basically, I’m hoping that when I’m in Fort Worth in a few weeks, a cowboy totally sweeps me off my feet.

The end



  1. I had to chuckle trying to picture myself being single and only looking in Tolono for love…..

    Church = finding love with someone you are more than likely related to

    Grocery Store = finding love with the teenage boys that would get you arrested

    Local Bar (or 7 bars) = finding love at Lu’s, Dead Horse, Jack’s, VFW – scary, Radamaker’s – even scarier

    ha! ha! Love it!

    I think for you Hannah love will come to you when you least expect it and I think the church option is probably the best for you – you have strong faith and beliefs. I think joining the young catholics club would benefit you immensly – you have a lot to offer! ; )

    Have a great week!


  2. […] . . You can lead a  douchebag to water. . . but you can’t make him drink!  Haha!  🙂  Remember when I did my scoring of places to meet guys? I told Jen tonight that I would like to amend this and give my country bar a score of 3. . […]

  3. […] Maybe Grandpa would like the house stuff. . . but something tells me he won’t care about the guys who stared at me in the feminine products area at the store or the best places to locate attractive boys. […]

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