Posted by: illinigirl | October 12, 2008

Wedding #2–Siobhan and Randy

Yes, I’m way behind, but hey. . . I’ve been extremely busy!

Last Sunday, I went to another wedding.  This was my friend from the dorms in college, Siobhan.  The awesome thing is that she has a twin sister, Erin that also lived on my dorm floor (they were roommates). . . Erin was in the wedding, as well as my friend Jen H. from our dorm floor. . . and Varsha from our floor and Lisa M. that lived in our dorm also came.  It was fun because sadly. . . I hadn’t seen any of them since college. . . I think I saw Jen H. only once after her graduation, which was pathetic. . . but in our defenses, we both moved around a lot.

I saw the twins when they ran in the STL marathon one year (Actually, only Siobhan ran b/c Erin was injured  😦  ).  I met them and ate pasta with them the night before.  I also saw them in Chicago last month, when they invited me over for an awesome dinner on their patio!

Anyways, I don’t get to see these people every day so it was very exciting to get to see them on such a special occasion.

The wedding was outside at a lovely club in Oak Brook.  My favorite thing about this wedding, was that it was extremely nice and classy. . . without being “fussy”.  I know that there were lots of preparations that had to take place and much attention to detail, but Siobhan and Randy didn’t seem to be rattled or get caught up in that stuff like I’ve seen so many brides do.  Something goes wrong, and they get so upset, or are so worried about little stupid things that no one else even notices.  I guess it’s natural, but it’s such a waste of energy!

For example, most people have the “NO ONE CAN SEE THE BRIDE BEFORE THE WEDDING” deal.  Siobhan was like. . . whatever, I want to talk to these people and see them!  Which was an excellent point.  She has limited time to hang out and has people flying in from all over the country, and if she wants to see them, why the hell shouldn’t she?  The wedding was outdoors at a tennis club. . . and you could hear tennis balls and the grunts of tennis players in the background occasionally.  Siobhan and Randy just laughed. . . and when the Rabbi said something about “It’s so nice to be out here amongst the sounds of life and nature.”  Randy and Siobhan said, “AND tennis!” at the same time and laughed.  There were planes flying overhead being noisy. . . they just smiled.  It started to rain. . . no worries.  Everyone looked really lovely, but their hair and make-up wasn’t over the top. . . just simple and pretty.  Everyone looked like themselves. . . and not like a showgirl or completely unnatural. . . and my favorite thing. . . at the reception, as we were eating and dancing. . . they played whatever the hell type of music they wanted to play.  There were a few songs that were actually break-up songs that made us laugh, considering we were at a wedding, but their friend that was DJing sat at our table and told us, “Hey, they liked these songs!”  Sometimes I think people get so caught up in “the way things have to be” and forget about what they really like and want.

Here are some pictures and videos. . . this was the first Jewish ceremony I’d ever been to so that was neat, too!

Here’s the breaking of the glass:

Here’s Erin and Greg. . .

Here’s Erin, Greg, Jen H., and Zane. . .

Here are the dorm girls! Jen H, me, Siobhan, Erin, Lisa, and Varsha!

And here’s a video of the chair dance. . . I had to put down my camera so that I could join in the fun! Jen H. was laughing at me because I was saying. . . “I am torn between whether I want to document this or participate.” This is a big struggle though. . . because I love taking pictures and videos of things, but I also never want to miss living a moment either! This time, I got the best of both worlds. 😉


I know I’m Catholic and all.  . but can I do that at my wedding?  Looks like fun!!!  😀

Congrats Siobhan and Randy!  I think you’re both AMAZING people, and I’m happy you found each other!  🙂

Shoutout to SaraBMR and Nathan for taking me out to dinner at the wonderful P.F. Changs and taking me to the airport!  It was good to see you kids!



  1. How fun!! Looks like you all had a great time.

    One question: do you call Siobhan and Erin your twin friends because *they* are twins… or because they could be *your* twin??

    You look so much alike that when I saw the first photo I thought “hmm.. it’s not like Hannah to wear white to a wedding”


  2. i like the chair dance too. i wonder how many people have fallen off….

  3. That’s funny! No, I call them *twin* friends because Siobhan and Erin are identical twins. . . I don’t think I look very much like them. . . maybe if they curled their hair, got big noses, put on some lbs, and made their eyes more squinty! 🙂

  4. Thanks for coming Hannah. You rock!

  5. I love your blog and the way you have shared the ceremony and the chair dance. It was great to see so many people have fun and support Siobhan and Randy. It’s been a really fun ride being Erin and Siobhan’s dad!

  6. LOVE IT HANNAH! Thanks for the post! My family is going to love those clips. Can you send me jpeg’s of the pictures of us at your table and the dorm girls? You definitely got a better pic of all of us than I did. Thanks again for making the trip!!!

  7. […] same dorm floor freshman and sophomore year. . . but sadly, I lost track of her.  When I went to this wedding and connected with other dorm friends. . . I found out that we all kept in touch with different […]

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