Posted by: illinigirl | October 7, 2008

Adventures in NOT sleeping

Okay, seriously. . . I’m going to bed soon.

BUT, I must report that this is my first sexy night guard night.  It feels weird.  I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep in this thing.  We’ll see.  Considering my clenching and grinding has become so bad that I’m causing new cavities around current fillings. . . I need to get serious about stopping this problem.

Last night, I felt like a large winged insect was flying near my ear at approximately 2:45 a.m.  I immediately flailed out of bed while simultaneously flinging off my shirt (because somehow in my delirious state, I thought this would help matters and somehow get the bug off of me).

I think I dreamed the bug up. . . because I sat here with all the lights on for ~30 or 40 minutes looking around for a bug and never found anything.  I almost moved down to the couch, but ultimately, I fell asleep again.

I need a husband for sound sleeping, if nothing else. . . or do they make matters worse?

I don’t sleep well with others. . . but the best thing for me was when a friend stayed at my house for a month in my guest room.  The few weeks where he worked days, I slept like a rock with him in the next room.  Just having someone in the next room somehow made me more at peace, even though I didn’t think about it at the time.

Yet despite the awesomeness of sound sleeping. . . I still don’t want a roommate.  🙂



  1. We (husbands) are good at killing bugs.

  2. Some husbands make really annoying mouth smacking noises while they sleep…but the bug killing is nice!

  3. my husband refuses to kill bugs. not helpful.

    HOWEVER. i am a HUGE scaredy cat. i used to sleep with all the lights on and/or a knife next to me. i also used to turn the light off and then run and jump in the bed like someone was chasing me (becasue the bed is homebase, obviously).

    a husband makes for no scaredyness. i sleep with ALL the lights OFF. i dont get scared of all noises, or any noises. it’s great for peace of mind.

    the really bad thing is that if i now had to stay alone in our house, i would probably die of scared because i have never even spent a night alone there!

  4. Wow…you guys are tough…husbands indeed have many redeeming features, however, i must admit that spider and fly killing is amongst my most admirable traits. I don’t do bees…

  5. Ha! I went to bed before Satwan the other night and apparently asked him if he “brought bugs to bed” when he came in…I’m not really sure about this, but he is good at killing bugs (when he doesn’t bring them to bed). I also do not sleep as well when he’s gone, so he’s very helpful!

  6. […] Frances sees a bug and freaks out and takes off  her clothes.  Yep, I’ve done that! […]

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