Posted by: illinigirl | October 6, 2008

The thing that sucks the most about getting older. . .

Is not *me* actually getting older. . . it’s seeing my grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc. getting older.

While it was good to see my grandpa. . . he’s was not the same guy I saw four months ago.  Granted, he’s really weak and will hopefully get stronger and gain more use of one of his arms. . . but it still bothered me.

Same with my other grandpa.  I remember when I came home a year ago for another cousin’s wedding, the first thing I thought was. . . Grandpa is getting older. . . and that very night, my Aunt Mary said, “Doesn’t Dad look old.”  Yes, I had noticed.

I’m seeing the same thing with all my great aunts and uncles.  Unfortunately, I’ve already lost a few great aunts and uncles. . . but many of them still with us are in fairly poor health.  I can’t remember which one of them mentioned to me, “We’re all falling apart!”  Some of our 2nd cousins were joking with my sister last week telling her that they will be in trouble if they lose either of their elderly parents because “one’s the brains, and one’s the legs.”

While we make light of it, it is so sad to see these wonderful people getting sick. . . I was emailing K-JO today, and thought of the movie “Cocoon”.  I only vaguely remember it, as I was quite young. . . but it’s funny that even though I was in 1st grade when it came out (was probably a few years older when I watched it for the first time), I still remember the basic premise.

I do realize how extremely, extremely lucky I am to have all four grandparents. . . and I believe in Heaven. . . and I know it’s the circle of life and all that jazz. . . but I can’t help but be selfish andwant these people to stick around.


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