Posted by: illinigirl | September 28, 2008

I may be crazy. . . but it just might be a lunatic you’re lookin for

This weekend has been semi-dumb.  I had a headache Saturday that decided to extend into the night and linger until this morning.  Nice.

My headache went away sometime after church today.  I would chock it up to divine intervention, but I’m pretty sure that it was due to me going to Ann Taylor Loft and having them apply a coupon on top of a sale. . . allowing me to receive 40% off of my purchase.  THANK YOU.  🙂

I got a lot of cleaning, laundry, etc. complete this weekend. . . went on two runs. . . went to my Illini game watch. . . AND in an UNPRECEDENTED move. . . am ALREADY finished packing for my trip home this week.  Whoa.  Oh, and then, the shopping.

I had a lot of fun shopping on Saturday.  Liz got me an Ann Taylor card which inspired me to head over there.  Sadly, I STILL haven’t been in all the shops by my house. . . well, Saturday, I went in more.  I went to this Nike Women store and got some good stuff.  I blamed Rachel on Friday for encouraging me to go shopping for runner’s socks.  I wound up getting socks and then some!  Thanks Rachel!  😉  I also went in a toy store and a few other stores where I didn’t make purchases. . . but had fun looking.  I discovered that I officially should not waste my time going into the Gap, which I discovered ~1 year ago but still decided to go in.  Seeing as I can’t pull off the grunge/homeless look, it’s generally not the place for me.

My running went okay this weekend. . . I had a lot of fun running in the park by me.

A) It doesn’t smell like garbage.

B)  It’s so close to me and so big with so many pathways. . . it’s CRAZY I haven’t been there.

C)  There are many neat people that run there and are cute and smile at you when you run (Okay, maybe because I smile at them. . . but still).

D)  The scenery is much nicer (though some parts are crapped out due to the dang hurricane).

Here’s the updated chart. . . yes, I’m in week 2 already in “week 1”.  . . We’ll see if I can keep up.  This week will be trying because I’m working a lot, have plans, and am going home.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday will afford me NO opportunities to run so I HAVE to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

And yes, I ran out of time to post the other pics that K-JO sent me. . . I’ll have to do that another night!



  1. we finally got a gap outlet that’s not too far from us maybe 2 years ago. they always have the best basic cotton shirts or tanks.
    good job on your running. i’m impressed at how much you’re getting done.

  2. 4 runs in one week is impressive! Go you!

    Have you considered running on a track? I know it’s boring, but it’s GOT to be better than a treadmill/clothes rack. Do they have anything comparable to the Armory by you?

    Also, I heard that IMPE (it has a new name now, can’t remember it) a new “winding” track that goes all throughout the gym instead of just round and round in a circle.

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