Posted by: illinigirl | September 26, 2008

For those that asked. . .

Click here for the technical definition of “jackslap”. . .

I didn’t get it from urban dictionary, a military person, or TV. . . I think I started saying it as a kid.  I think my friend Kari W. said it when we were young?  I cannot take credit for this term.

No, then or now. . . I don’t use it with quite the profanity that the urban dictionary uses!



  1. Oh, I just assumed that jackslap was a nicer, Hannah-fied version of b!tchslap.

    Gotta love the urban dictionary!

  2. i’ve never heard anyone say jackslap..come to think of it, i had never heard anyone say craptastic before either.
    hannah’s own language. 🙂

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