Posted by: illinigirl | September 25, 2008

The Office. . . LOVED IT!

There was oh so much I loved. . . but all of my favorite moments involved Kelly Kapoor. . . tooooooo funny.  🙂  What were your favorite parts???

Oh, I’m even more in love with Jim now that I know that he goes to his nephew’s tball games or whatever.



  1. i could not love jim more. the proposal? perfect! however, i am worried where they are going with this pam-in-school bit.

    kelly was hilarious.

    michael’s goatee was hideous.

  2. I miss Pam. Kelly is super funny. Jamie thinks that Angela is pregnant and his favorite part of me is my big jugs!

  3. When Kelly fell off the scale and passed out and everyone just stood there looking at her was hillarious! My favorite part was when Michael goes falling down 2 flights of stairs to stop Pam from leaving without hearing his poem (“the last word is seagulls”) and then tries to lean into the car to give her a kiss!! Pissin!!!

    So I look over at Maia when Jim proposes to Pam and she is crying. She didn’t even cry when I asked her!!!

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