Posted by: illinigirl | September 25, 2008

For Project Runway Fans. . .

Do you just want to jackslap Kinleigh (sp?) in the face?. . . because I do.

I started out the season really liking her, but hello chicky. . . you messed with my man Tim Gunn!. . . and she has SUCH an attitude towards the judges and is NEVER wrong.  Hello!  These people have TONS of experience. . . She *might* want to listen. She is screwing herself over because I imagine many designers (whether they win or NOT) go on to be quite successful and get jobs with big name companies and designers. . . but who the heck would want to hire her with that attitude?

Also, her inappropriate laughter on the runway probably makes all her competition dislike her, too.  It’s so awkward.

My opinion of her has gone completely down the tubes.



  1. I couldn’t agree more. Last week, I thought she was just being edited to look like the “bad guy” (everyone has a bad day, a snarky moment, whatever), but this week she crossed the line. Tim, of course, handled the conflict gracefully.

    I think she was just kept on the show for drama. Her outfit was waaaayy worse than Suede’s.

  2. i am not a kenley fan either and i agree 100%.
    a. laughing at others at judging is just rude
    b. if someone did it to her she would flip out
    c. her last outfit was horrible
    d. she needs to calm down and stop snapping at everyone.
    i’m not a fan.
    i’m rooting for jerell and leanne.

  3. “Jackslap”????? Sounds painful…

  4. What in the world is a jackslap???

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