Posted by: illinigirl | September 25, 2008

Couch25k–Week 1-Workout 2

I am not always going to post about this because not every day will be exciting. . . but I will post this chart to show you where I’m at.  Yes.  I made a chart.  For two reasons. . . 

1.  I’m a dork.

2.  I’m trying to throw in additional workouts that aren’t on the regular plan, and I want to keep track.

3.  Also, I’m busy, and it’s hard to keep track of stuff.

4.  Also, (unrelated) I gave up HAPPY HOUR to run tonight.  Whoa.  This means, I’m serious

PLEASE NOTE:  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PODCASTS!  I really liked not having to keep track of stuff or look at a watch, and I really liked the music!  I thought I would be sad to not listen to *my* music, but I honestly enjoyed it. . . and the guy doesn’t talk too much, but he occasionally gives you reminders about form and how you should be feeling. . . he was like my little cheerleader!  Highly recommend you check this out if you’re thinking of doing this.

The only thing to note from this workout is that I probably need to find another place to run.  Aside from the tree and power line issue. . . there is the issue of the now nasty, smelly garbage.  Obviously, there is a lot of structural and tree debris from the hurricane, aside from trash.    With the sheer volume of the storm trash and the fact that trucks can’t make it down some of the streets due to low-hanging power lines,  there’s obviously a glut of nasty garbage on the curbs after several missed garbage days. . . Oooh.  Icky.  Luckily, my condos don’t have this issue. . .

And horray for Cari!  I’m sorry that I didn’t pick up on the fact you were doing this, too.  This AND boot camp?  WHOA!



  1. Yeah, boot camp is great, but there’s just not enough cardio, so I decided to try to run.

    Thanks for the podcast tip… now that you’ve “road-tested” them, I’ll definitely have to try it out.

    Good luck and I look forward to watching your progress… I have a chart, too, but it’s not nearly as fancy as yours!!

  2. Maybe you can come up here in November and run the Manch-Vegas marathon with me???? I think I’ll just run the half but you can run the whole thing if you have a podcast that’s long enough.

    Also, the Office rocked!!! Maia cried when Jim asked Pam. I’m totally going to be in charge of dump the plump next year!!!

  3. ok, i’m going to download a podcast tonight now that i know it isn’t annoying.
    i like the sleeping pic at the start of your graph.

  4. Nice chart weirdo…I tried to download the podcast and it wouldn’t work. Call me when you wake up and help me. Danke!

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