Posted by: illinigirl | September 23, 2008

illini_girl in espanol?

That might not even be correct.  I don’t speak Spanish.  The closest to anything other than English that I speak is German. . . and that’s spotty, at best.

Anyhowsers, I saw something REALLY cool tonight! 

Don’t get worried people. . . I can’t see everyone who reads my blog or how many times you read or anything. . . but I can see what links people click on to get here. . . so if you get to my blog from a link on another website. . . like from my myspace page or one of my friends’ blogs, I will just see myspace or my friends’ pages listed as a referrer.

I got the coolest site listed as a referrer today!

Someone translated my page to Spanish. . . check it out!!!

I don’t think I have a large Spanish speaking audience, and I only have one guess as to who it might be. . . maybe my friend Pato from Chile?  Anyways, whoever did this. . . this is really cool and entertaining!

So. . . if you wanna see your blog in another language. . .

Go to this site. .

Here’s my blog in German. . . which I can actually understand!



  1. illini_girl en espanol?

    that’s hilarious. you must have a big fan base.

  2. I am going to read your blog in German all the time. I was impressed on how well I can still read it.

  3. Guten tag, birthday girl. Sorry I missed it but I’m in Switzerland. It doesn’t suck. I’m going to move here and make cheese. I will miss you.

  4. That’s so cool! My German definitely isn’t what it used to be!

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