Posted by: illinigirl | September 13, 2008

quick one

I can tell you with certainty that one of the most helpless and terrifying feelings is staying up all night listening to how your area took a complete beating. . . and driving up on your neighborhood seeing a giant mess. . .ugh. I’m really lucky though. zero damage. not many can say that. I will do a long post someday when I can, but this was seriosly scary, ppl. it will be a long time before things are back to any kind of normalcy. they are saying that ppl may be without power for weeks. I’m not sure when I’m moving back to my house. not in a real hurry to be by myself with no power or phone capabilies. I’m w/ staci’s fam again, and her BIL has power so we’re staying there. phones are being recharged and we’re cooling off for a bit. thank you all for your bazillion text messages and calls. . . and thanks to stuart and jen for looking at my place. . . that made me cry when I got that call because it was so thoughtful! thanks to staci and fam for taking me in. no way I can express how much I appreciate. more to come. . . someday. phone is iffy and still have rare opportunities to charge.



  1. thanks for the updates. i’m glad you’re safe and damage-free, but it sounds like the aftermath will be difficult for everyone.

  2. Hannah, so glad to get this update! I’ve been checking periodically while we’re in Effingham to see how you’re doing. Glad, too, to hear that your house is OK and that you have a place to stay.

  3. Hey Hannah! I’ve been thinking about you and am very glad to hear everything’s ok. We’ve been getting rain for 2 days straight b/c of all this craziness and just have to deal with a couple leaking issues in our condo and that’s just with rain. Can’t imagine what all of you have to deal with when you add in the winds! Glad everything has turned out ok so far!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that your safe! I hope that things get back to normal for you soon. Keep us updated. My thoughts are with you.

  5. i’m so glad everything is okay at your place. you have enough to worry about and deal with right now.

  6. Glad to hear that you’re safe! I’ll keep you and the others down there in my thoughts and prayers.

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