Posted by: illinigirl | September 12, 2008

Storm Update

Man, I’m tired of my blogs sucking. . . but I just haven’t had time lately.

You know how I’ve been feeling like crapola lately?  Well, I didn’t want to risk being stuck away from home with no power and get more sickly. . . so I went to the clinic yesterday.  Yep, I have a bad virus.  Yep, there’s basically nothing that can be done for it other than waiting it out.  (At least I ruled out strep. . . which I ignored once for while living in STL, and it got REALLY bad, and the doctor freaked out.  I felt like I wanted to die around that time, and didn’t want a repeat performance.)  The doctor gave me a low dose of a steroid to help treat the symptoms.  I feel like it really did help yesterday.

FYI–the drug store was hell.  Oh wait!. . . every store was hell yesterday.  Luckily, I got gas earlier in the week and topped off at 6:30 a.m. yesterday. . . with no line!  Luckily, I did all my shopping earlier in the week and had some reserves from other recent storms when I’d stocked up.

I am leaving mid to late morning today.  I have three roller bags. . . yes, three.

1.  Supplies–batteries, candles, radio, flashlights, etc. . . important paperwork and insurance documents.

2.  Food–Tons of it.  More food than I would probably eat in two weeks!  I really want to take my ice cream to Katie’s even though it’s probably not wise. . . DANGIT, I don’t want it to go to waste if the power goes out. . . particularly my homemade ice cream I’ve made!

3.  Clothes–I’m cold in A/C. . . but if the power goes out, we’ll be dying of heat exhaustion.  I need a lot of clothes.  Also, I brought work clothes for Monday in case it works better for Katie to take me in on Monday.

Oh, I’m also bringing games. . . and movies.  “Dan in Real Life,” which I love, love, love. . . and the first season of “Lost”, which I’ve always wanted to watch but never had time.

Basically, this is probably WAY TOO MUCH CRAP that I will just have to cart back with me and deal with cleaning up later. . . but hey, better to be safe than sorry.

The current projections are that the storm will be a category “2” or “3”. . . dangerous.  I have lots of friends and co-workers down South so I’m praying for their safety and for no major damage to the homes they’ve left behind.

I will turn off my phone if the power goes out to conserve the battery. . . so if my phone goes to voicemail, or I don’t answer a text. . . that doesn’t mean I’m dead.

If you are bored or interested, here are some places you can track the storm:  (Click on the Ike link, and you can see all storts of maps.)  (This is our local CBS affiliate. . . they have tons of links to different maps. . . . and I think they have live feeds. . . It’s really crazy to watch the waves going over the top of the seawall right now and up onto the road.  . and it’s EARLY.)

There are some other cool links I’ve seen, but I can’t find them.

So I am stormphobic and think. . . why the hell do I live here?  I asked Liz to remind me why liked living here on Wednesday because I couldn’t remember.  Her response?

“Cute cowboys and friendly people.”

Thank you, Liz for reminding me!  🙂

Keep everyone here (particularly the folks on the coast) in your prayers.



  1. be careful. i’m glad you’re going to stay with friends.
    i feel so bad for the people in galveston island. last night on the news they were talking about how the people were being told to evacuate or it meant death. scary.

  2. i’ll be thinking about you this weekend. stay safe.

    and, i know storms aren’t fun, but watching an uninterrupted Lost marathon sounds PERFECT to me. if you get a chance to watch it, let me know what you think!

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