Posted by: illinigirl | September 7, 2008

I officially have a lot less money than I had an hour ago.

Flights for the October weddings. . . Thanksgiving. . . and Christmas were just procured.

They weren’t as bad as I was expecting.  I think I’ve paid more in the past. . . but that was to fly into C-U.  I stopped flying into C-U so much after Christmas 2006.


This was the 2nd time that a flight into C-U had been canceled in a year, and I was tired of dealing with it.

Christmas ’06 is a classic Hannah story.  Many of you know it, but I will indulge those that don’t.  So when I lived in NH, I would sometimes fly from NH to Detroit and Detroit to Willar d.

Well, our flight for Christmas was landing. . . and it was taking a lot of time. . . then the pilot got over the intercom and said that the visability was too bad. . . and they were going to have to turn around and go back to DETROIT.  Awesome. That’s FIVE HOURS from home!  Rental car companies did not have cars. . . and even if they did, they didn’t want anyone taking them out of state at the holidays.  I called rental car company after rental car company to no avail.

A girl at the baggage claim was telling me that she was a student at Michigan. .  . and she was going to get her car and just drive home.  Oh, so jealous.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and jokingly said, “That ***** didn’t offer me a ride!” and just laughed.  LUCKILY, queenlizzle lived nearby and was willing to take me home with her and her husband. . . but I’d have to wait a day or so, as they weren’t leaving until then.  This was okay and I was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL, but I was bummed as I’d planned to go to the IL basketball game that night and spend the next day with my little cousins.

That’s when the girl from MU comes back up and says, “Did you find a car?”. . . I told her that I didn’t. . . that I had a back-up plan, but I’d be in Detroit tonight. . .

She said, “You know. . . Why don’t you just ride with me?”  She seemed like a sweet girl.  I said, “Well, I’d love to ride with you, and I’m not a killer!”  She said, “Good”. . .  and we set off in a cab to her house to get her car.

The funny things are. . .

A) I called my parents, queenlizzle, and Kerri to let them know my whereabouts.  Not knowing that I was with the sweetest girl ever. . . they were a little concerned about my safety!
B) The girl and I didn’t know each others names until ~ one hour into the drive.
C) At one point, she was flipping through stations and said, “Oooh. . . do you like Country?”  She was so excited when I said, “Yes.”. . . most of the rest of the ride, we listened to country. . . and rocked out and sang to the radio.  Also, I remember singing “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelli Clarkson with her.
D) Me, the girl that pees every five seconds. . . managed to only go ONCE during the five hour drive.  I was careful to barely drink anything so I wouldn’t have to go. . . I just kept thinking. . . “She doesn’t flipping know me.  What’s to stop her from leaving me at a gas station if she finds me annoying or I make us stop a lot?”

While it all turned out okay, I’m quite leary of flying into small airports. . . as much as I enjoy meeting people, a five hour car ride with a random stranger is a bit much!



  1. Brave girl! It’s a funny story now, years later, but I’m sure it was NOT fun at the time.

  2. OK I thought this was going to be one of your “Six degrees of Hannah” stories where the girl ended up being your third cousin, or knew your uncle’s barber’s dog walker or something like that.

  3. Well Lance. . . while she was not my 3rd cousin, of course I knew people that knew her! Her family was friends of my favorite professor in grad school. Also, she and her siblings were really good atheletes. While I’d never met them, I saw their names in the paper a lot.

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