Posted by: illinigirl | September 7, 2008

Budding Artist

Nicole has posted some of her son Luke’s artwork. . . which is smashing!  Check here. . . and here. . . I love looking at his pictures!

I thought I’d show you some of my skills from circa 1984.  I drew inspiration from some of my favorite subjects. . . that are still my favorite subjects.  😉  Here is my most famous work:


Hey, I’ve always been an illini_girl.  😉



  1. i LOVE it! so cute.

  2. I’m glad for the “Go Illini” caption… or else I might have mistaken the headdress for a sunflower or a Thanksgiving Turkey 🙂

  3. Oh my…you were a groupie even then! How have you been able to survive all those years of mediocre performances???

    Nice hat though…

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