Posted by: illinigirl | September 6, 2008

Let’s talk about Nascar, old hollywood movie stars. . . Let’s talk about anything, anything in this world, but politics, religion, and her.

So, I’m not a policital person.  I think there are several reasons for this. . . but the main reason is. . that my opinions do not fall into party lines WHATSOEVER.  I’m all over the map. . . so it’s hard for me to get excited about people who I’m at odds with on so many issues.

I took this quiz back before the primaries even started. . .

I really, really like this because it gives you a summary of the issues and what it means to support or not support them.  Yes, it’s very basic, but it gets at a lot of the main issues.

So what were my results back when I did it before the primaries?  I didn’t know ANY of the top candidates that were on my list other than Nader. . . and all the mainstream republicans and democrats. . . oh yeah, at the VERY bottom of my list.

What happened when I took it again tonight?  Nader, baby!

With Obama far behind. . . and McCain WAY at the bottom.

I have some liberal views and some conservative views.  I crack up when I go down the list because I’m so all over the place.  While I’m personally a religious person and a very conservative person in terms of my lifestyle and personal views. . . that doesn’t necessary guide my views on what I believe is right for other people.

Maybe I just don’t like anyone telling me how I should feel about something.  DANG, maybe I fit in New Hampshire better than I thought?  Live free or die, baby!  😉

I think that I’m pretty unbiased, because I truly try to look at the issues. . . and not the party or the person.  I have no strong feelings about any candidate “personally”. . .

So. . . to become more educated, I thought I would watch the speeches on youtube.  I watch Barack Obama’s speech. . . and get over halfway through. . . and I keep saying, “This is a good speech, but why the eff does he keep talking about President Kerry???”

Um, I watched the *2004* DNC speech.  Yes, folks, I only had to back up the video like. . . five times before I finally figured this out.  I thought I wasn’t hearing him correctly.  I have been CRACKING UP at what an idiot I am.

Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to vote.



  1. i’m laughing too. not at you but with you. riigghhtt!

  2. I personally hate NASCAR and prefer Jean Harlow over Marilyn Monroe any day.

    Oh, and Nader was my top pick, too. Obama and the Green Party candidate were in the middle of the pack and John McCain was dead last. Which is interesting b/c I always call him my favorite Republican. Go figure!

  3. Not surprising, McCain (77%) and Barr the Libertarian at (67%). Obama was bottom of the bbl. That was a pretty neat little quiz, Thanks!! You crack me up… Give me a call and we can talk about the Nascar race in Virginia this weekend that got postponed to Sunday because of Hurricane Hannah…


  4. Pulling out the Sammy Kershaw are we…very nice!

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