Posted by: illinigirl | September 4, 2008

You sank my battleship!

Tonight, Jen and Stuart called and asked if I’d like to join them and Matt for dinner. . . We went for sushi. . . which I didn’t have. . . (Shrimp and vegetable tempura, instead. . . yum!).

We then went to an Irish pub in Rice Village for a few beers. . . and noticed that they have games. . . so we played battleship.  I haven’t played battleship since. . . wow. . . no clue.  Here’s picture of us in action:

(Stuart was concerned that I was only getting a picture to see their board!  In another sidenote, I look like I’m 400 lbs.  Nice posture, Han.)  They also had Yahtzee.  That was a HUGE game for my family growing up. . . huge.  I think I’m going to suggest that the W. fam plays this at Thanksgiving. . . Who’s in?

Fun times!  Actually, I always, always have fun with Stuart and Jen. . . it’s been faaaaaar too long since I’ve hung out with them.

Tomorrow, we are going to the country bar. . . it’s been four weeks?  Wow.  I’ll miss you Chris and Jackie!

In other news. . . My sister is coming to Dallas in October, and I’m really excited!  I’m going to drive there and try to meet up with some other friends while I’m in town, too. . . must call Kenny, etc. . . should be a great time!

In grandpa news. . . My grandpa got moved to a MUCH nicer facility, where he should have better care and better rehab.  This is an answer to our prayers. . . because hopefully his recovery will go better.  It’s going to still be a tough road. . . I soooo hope that he’s home by the time I’m home in October.  We’ll see.  Thanks so much for your prayers everyone!


  1. luke wants battleship for christmas! i’ll definitely get it, because it’s one i won’t mind playing with him.

    you could NEVER look 400 lbs 🙂

  2. i always wanted battleship but we never got it. that’s a great idea for things to do in a bar.

  3. Glad to hear things are looking up for Grandpa, I’m still thinking about/praying for him and the rest of the fam!

  4. Good news about gpa! That’s excellent…
    Wow, I haven’t played battleship in years, fun game.

    Posture may not be great, but I think you’re over estimating at 400 lbs…by alot…

  5. I’ll play Yahtzee at Thanksgiving with you, but just be prepared to lose. Every time I play Jamie, I dominate! Thanks Gma Woodworth for teaching me the mad Yahtzee skills!

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