Posted by: illinigirl | September 3, 2008

Tahoe. . . Sunday

Okay, feeling a little better tonight although not 100%. . . BUT . . . I’ll try and take a stab at Tahoe Sunday. . . finally!

First off on Sunday morning, Liz and I joined Kristin and Jeremy. . . and Andrea G. and her husband drove in from Reno to have breakfast with us.  Andrea was one of our interns at Corporate when I was there. . . and then joined us working full-time after graduation.  Unfortunately, she left us last year. . . but it was so good to see her. . . and meet her husband, who I had heard so much about!

After breakfast, we hooked up with Kerri again and went kayaking again. . . yes, I had so much fun the first time and knew that Liz would LOVE it. . . so I was game for doing this again. . . when you see my pictures, you will understand why I had such a blast. . .

Here’s me and the photographer, Kerri.  Unfortunately, she had her camera strapped around her so she wouldn’t ruin it. . . so there are no pics of her on the water!

Here’s Kerri, Liz, and I

This is me. . . adventure sport extraordinaire (joking, only joking!)

Go, Liz, go!

This is the wedding reception site. . . so cool. . .

Here’s me with some beautiful scenery. . . I’m telling you. . . gorgeous scenery, beautiful weather (not a cloud in the sky), so unbelievable.  Such a great time. . . (some of you may recognize this from the sneak preview on myspace)  🙂

Liz and I!

After kayaking, Kerri, Liz, and I went up rode the gondola up at the Heavenly ski resort. . . the views were IN-CRED-I-BLE.  Here are some pictures from the gondola and the first stop. . .

I was not a fan of facing this direction so I was just holding my camera up behind me and taking pictures. . . they actually turned out quite good!

Views once we got up to the first level


Then we decided to eat up there on the second level. . . and we saw Kate, Devon, Josh, Rebekka, Debbie, Greg, and Jason.  Unfortunately, they had the opposite schedule of us. . . they were at Heavenly while we were kayaking, and kayaking while we were at Heavenly!  At least we ran into them for a minute!  We did not see Skooi. . . and I didn’t think about it until later that I hadn’t seen him since like. . . 9:30 the night before or something. . . but luckily he’s alive and well and writing me on myspace.  🙂

After lunch, we did a hike to get more pictures.  Kevin was right. . . high elevation can kick your butt. . . also, being incredibly out of shape can kick your butt.  I did okay and kept pace with the other girls, despite being out of shape.  Luckily, I did not have a fear of plummeting to my death. . . but I felt as though I *could* collapse from being out of breath. . . and in the desert, it looks so dramatic. . . reaching for the water. . . where. . . is. . . it. . . ?

Here’s the girls on their way up, up, up. . . (that’s Carson City, NV in the background!)

The views from the top. . .

California. . .

And Nevada. . .

After this, we putzed around some of the shops at the base of Heavenly, and went to Camp Richardson to meet up with Lisa and Juan, who were sitting at a bar on the beach listening to an 80’s band. . . so fun!  This was Sunday night. . . seriously, I AM NOT READY TO LEAVE TOMORROW, PEOPLE!

Beach at Camp Richardson

Me, Kerri, Liz, Lisa

Lisa tells us that she drove the whole perimeter of the lake with Juan that morning. . . and the Emerald Bay was the prettiest.  It’s 15 min. away from Camp Richardson. . . and the sun is setting. . . Kerri and I decide while Liz is in the bathroom that we are hauling butt to Camp Richardson as soon as the three of us can pile in the car.  DAMMIT. . . WE WILL NOT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE SOMETHING COOL OR GET A PHOTO!  Ha!

Unfortunately. . . the sun was in a dumb spot. . . so the pictures do not do the space justice whatsoever!

After this, we got somewhat nicer looking and went to dinner at a little Italian place. . . saw Lisa at her very successful online poker station at the hotel. . . packed. . . and went to BED.

What a FULL day and a FULL trip!

It was so cool to be with so many co-workers from so many different spots that have the common bond of Maia and Kevin. . . oh and by the way, I have the most fun co-workers in the world.  Seriously.  Hands down.

I’ve got some more pics from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from different sources. . . and I’ll be posting them on another entry because they are random and don’t go with the Sunday theme. . . but sooooo fun!  Let’s all take a vacation together again!!!



  1. ohhh…i like the gondola thing. i’ve never done one of those.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the pix from the weekend! I’m so glad you enjoyed the weekend and that you were able to join us! I need to see my HR Chicks more often…

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