Posted by: illinigirl | September 3, 2008

More pictures contributed from others (and ones I forgot to post) from Tahoe!

Girls kayaking–contributed by Kate (John was kind enough to take them from the shore.)

Kate, Devon, Debbie, and I on Friday. . . so glad I was able to come on Friday and hang out with these girls!

Devon, Debbie, and Me. . . I think. . .

And we’re rowing away. . .

Wedding reception pictures–contributed by Kerri

Maia and Kevin. . . cute pic.


Kevin and Juan doing a shot

Kevin and his HR chick friends

Here’s a video I took of Skooi at the reception making a scary cat sound. . . don’t ask me why he was making a cat sound at the reception. . . because I am really not sure!

Kerri, me, and Lisa at the bar after the reception. . . self-taken and a bit scary so left it medium-sized!

Lisa has more pictures she hasn’t shared so I’m sure there will be more!!!

I will end by saying that weddings are always bittersweet because you never know when you are going to see people again.  I’ve thought about this a lot over the years with the million weddings I attend.  My friends are very scattered all over the country. . . so I don’t get to see them that often, and I almost NEVER get to their their families or friends. . . so at the weddings, I always think. . . aww, I am not sure when I’ll see Jess’ grandparents again, Kevin’s sister, queenlizzle’s friend Rick Y., Leslie’s cousin Carlos, etc., etc., etc. . . they are people that you only know through your friends. . . and when your friends are scattered, and their *families* don’t even live where they do. . . odds of seeing them again are slim.

Here is my solution.  People need to have big bashes for their anniversaries every so often.  We will buy our own beer. . . pitch in for a DJ (or *I* can be the DJ). . . you can even have it in your backyard (but a location like Tahoe or something would be awesome, too. . . 😉 )  Simple, simple solution.  Thanks!


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