Posted by: illinigirl | September 1, 2008

Adventures in Shopping

Today = Mall day

I lost my watch somewhere in Tahoe, which was not a huge loss b/c I think I’d had it for ~6 years, and it was quite worn. . . so I needed a new watch. . . and I needed moisturizer. . . and when I was packing for Tahoe, I realized that I was in need of. . . duh, duh, duh *dramatic* A CLOSET OVERHAUL!

Keep in mind, I clean my closet OFTEN because I move often. . . yet I still had some stuff that I wasn’t wearing. . . and some stuff that was worn out.  Each year, I get more and more picky about what can stay around.  I have a lot of cute pieces. . . but I also have some total crap.

So. . . my little trip to the mall wound up being. . .

A stop at Fossil for a new watch.  Love it.  They don’t have my exact kind on the web. . . it’s kinda plain but different for me.  I really wouldn’t mind purchasing some more. . . there are some gorgeous ones. . . and funky ones, but I had to do practical this time.  Also, I like a lot of their purses and jewelry.  Although I refrained from looking in that area, it’s a good place.

Then, it was to Macy’s the the Lancome counter.  My sister introduced me to Lancome when I was home in June. . . Actually, Aunt Ceil used their products on us for Sar’s wedding. . . but I went to the counter with my sister recently and had the lady pick out stuff for me.  It was great, and I love they way their stuff feels and looks. . . and yes, it’s expensive.  I just needed some moisterizer, but they asked me if I wanted a makeover next Saturday.  What the hell?  I signed up.  I can always ask more questions about make-up and learn stuff from an expert.  (Uh, just realized. . . what the hell was I thinking???  It’s college football season. . . I can’t have a freakin’ makeover on a Saturday. . . I will need to get my butt to the game watch. . . and I can’t plan around this!  Makeover = canceled!)  You are stuck with me as is.  😀

Then, Romance. . . had to purchase the perfume.  I freaking love Romance.  I’ve tried to do other perfumes, but I always have to gravitate back. . .

MY GOAL WITH CLOTHING–I have sooooo much black, white, and brown now.  I am soooo bored with it.  Part of this problem is that I bought a bunch of dresses and such from Black House/White Market for the Spring. . . and part of this is because EVERY store I go to has tons of black and white cute things.  Enough already. . . color, color, color is needed!

Then it was on to INC. . . where I didn’t find anything. . . but I found tons of shirts by Studio M.  None of the pictures online really show the shirts I bought. . . but they are so cute.  Really flattering and cut nicely.  Definitely more for going out dancing and on the town not work wear.  Okay, problem. . . all shirts purchased were black or brown.  Oops. . . but they go with my cowboy boots, okay?

I got some lovely silver jewelry.  I was ticked for Kevin’s wedding that I didn’t have different jewelry for that dress. . . everything I had was super suble. . . which is okay, but I couldn’t wear a necklace, so I would have liked to have done something bigger.  I have to wear that dress again in a few weeks for a charity gala I am volunteering at. . . so now I have more appropriate jewelry.  🙂  It’s versitile enought to wear every day though. . . so that’s good.

Then, it was on to Ann Taylor Loft. . . wow, did a TON of damage here.  A TON.  As it turns out, I’ve never really tried on their pants before. . . but they fit me PERFECTLY.  This is amazing because I am small, but I have a butt.  It’s difficult to find things that fit in the waist, and the butt. . . and aren’t 10 feet long.  Because it’s so amazing to find things that fit like a glove. . . I bought four pairs of pants and two pairs of jeans.  🙂  I also bought a TON of COLORFUL sweaters and tops. . . greens, oranges, browns, etc.  I am not sure if those colors are *my* colors. . . I tend to get the most compliments out of blues and mint and lighters greens. . . however, they are not huge fall colors. . . and they are NOT the colors of my university.  (Yes, I did get several orange and blue things to wear on Fridays. . . it’s not my fault!  They paired the maniquins with orange and blue tops and sweaters. . . leading me to believe that this is hip. . . )  😉

I wanted to go to The Limited, where I always find stuff. . . but after this damage was done, it was time to get the hell out of dodge.

For those of you going. . . holy crap, she spent a lot of money!  Yes, I did. . . BUT:

  • I got major discountage.
  • I only go major shopping a few times a year and otherwise avoid the mall.
  • I am not a purse/shoe girl. . . and I am very frugal with that stuff.
  • I don’t spend much on eating out. . . and most weeks, don’t eat out at all.
  • I have a car that I dislike with no car payment.  (I want a new one, but I’m too cheap.)
  • Most of my house stuff is done other than the dang A/C repair. 
  • I have no debt, other than my house.

I know I need to save for the unknown. . . and travel for the holidays.  I already have a decent amount in savings. . . but I want more.  I do allow myself to splurge occasionally though.

My favorite thing is that I got an email from my best friend tonight telling me all the things that she bought this weekend, and how she is justifying the purchases with things she is saving money on.  I was CRACKING UP and had to call her immediately. . . um, honey, I’m not not gonna judge you. . . listen to what *I* did!!!  We then totally justified each other’s purchases.

Speaking of justifying purchases. . . I went to Walgreens today, and the lady working in the beauty area was like. . . “Hey!  Haven’t seen you in a while!”  (Which btw. . . I have no recollection of who this lady is, and I think I’d remember her because she was a beautiful, pleasant lady, with an African accent. . . so not just your run of the mill, non-descript person. . . also, I don’t go to Walgreens *that* often.)  She said that my skin looked amazing (which oh by the way, it really looks like crap this week so I guess the make-up *is* doing its job).  She asked me what products I was using these days. . . I told her “Lancome” and she said. . .”oh, expensive . . . but keep using them, you look beautiful.”  Wow, okay. . . she wins “checkout person of the year!”  🙂  Love that lady!



  1. i don’t a lot of money on myself either except for a big shopping spree once or twice a year. my mom always yells at me for not doing it more. i think your shopping trip was definitely justified.

  2. Okay….this is weird, I went out yesterday and bought some things and your word “crapton” kept popping into my head! ha! ha!

    Labor Day = shopping apparently! ha!

    Have a great week!


  3. Wow…I’m exhausted just reading the account of your shopping spree. No wonder you’re tired!

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