Posted by: illinigirl | August 31, 2008

Storm’s a comin’

It appears that the storm is headed for Louisiana.  There’s *always* a chance that some crazy movement could take place so I’m still going to get up early and see what’s going on.

I still might stay at my friend Katie’s house depending on how bad the storms are.  Staying alone through floods and power outages. . . or driving to work in crazy weather does not appeal to me so I’m going to keep my eye on what’s happening.

I really feel for the people of Louisiana.  In church, our priest said that some people in the congregation were evacuees that needed out prayers. . . and after church, I went to work for a few minutes. . . and on my way back, headed west. . . most all of the cars had Louisiana plates.

I talked to two of my New Orleans friends today. . . I reached out to them in case they needed a place to stay.  I am QUITE late in doing so, but I didn’t want to invite them to come here when I wasn’t even sure if *I’d* be staying here if the storm shifted this way.

My friend Corey from grad school is safe in Illinois.  My friend James wrote me back also.  I’m not sure where he is, but he appears to be safe.

Katrina was heartbreaking on so many levels. . .  I can’t remember if James’ wedding was right before or right after the hurricane. . . but they lost their house and everything.  They hadn’t heard from his parents, who stayed behind in N.O., for days.  That was the scary thing.  I remember getting his email at work and just breaking down crying. . . because it was such a hopeless email. . .Nothing they could do to change the situation or make his parents appear.  (Thankfully, his parents were okay.)

It’s been a long battle to come back from this. . . and while I understand they are still nowhere near 100%, there have been plenty of glimmers of hope.

Please keep my friends in your prayers. . . along with anyone affected by the storms.



  1. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the storms as well. I can’t tell you how many people have said: “thank god this didn’t happen when we were down there.’

    True. I’m glad Kristi was able to have the wedding of her dreams and that we’re all safe and sound back home, but it’s also important to remember the people who call N.O. home. Such a good reminder how lucky we are.

    Stay safe and thoughts/prayers for your friends!

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